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In August, In January-March


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Originally, in August, when I heard that they were creating a game called GTA: Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS, I was laughing on my floor for a while saying "Just Chinatown, Dang! No wonder they chose DS!". As time went by, I began to read articles about the game. In December, I read the first article that was more than 1 page long off of Kikizo. After seeing the screenshots, I began to get a little hyped. A month later...It was January and I was going to Blockbuster to purchase a game for my DS and you wouldn't believe my eyes when I saw the game box saying "Pre-Order Now" It was only 5 days after viewing some newer screenshots that I had gone to Blockbuster. I pre-ordered for $5 still having enough money for my DS game (and no, I won't tell you what game I got). Feb. 5...On February 5th, 2009, GTAGaming.com announced there'd be a trailer coming the following week. I was pissed to not see it until February 20th (a commercial originally seen on Comedy Central). I learned not to trust them without sources. Just a few days later...Rockstar Games had announced an official website and a trailer. I was even more surprised that they did it on the day I was guessing they'd do it. I saw the screens, saw the trailers, read IGN's interview with Rockstar Leeds and even took both gadgets and put them on my site {Chinatown Wars FanSite. As time flies, I get ready for 3:00 afterschool on Tuesday, St. Patricks Day '09. I am psyched and my favorite 2 features are hotwiring with the touch screen and diving into the water and being able to use the touch screen to bash the windows and swim out (Shown as an example in the first mission and can be performed anytime after finishing that mission). My favorite 2 characters are Huang Lee and Ling.

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