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Creating Custom IFP's


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Help ! I'm having a problem... When trying to open the file i just created i get "Header not correct!" error.

I try to make a new file without changing anything except deleting the top line and i still get this error.


What is wrong? What should I do ? sad.gif


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i need help

when i try to convert any .txt to .ifp

t2b.exe says


| Exception EConvertError in module T2B.exe at 00006236. |

| 'c' is not a valid integer value |



i tried with differ .txt file but same error

what to do now sad.gifsad.gif

help me !

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Does this work for VC? I only get an error when its a VC ifp file but not when its a SA.

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If this doesn't work, then try the custom ifp importer/export on gtagarage. Allowed me to convert some sa animation like run to vc though had a few problems in skeletal animations.

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Futurama_Freak said it didn't work in VC. The IFP data is diferent, and KAM scripts can't decompile it.
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If you want more anims than there are in the IFP, select the whole text from one anim. From the Header (The Start part) down until you reach the next animation Start (Dont include it). Copy it and paste it at the bottom until you counted the number of anism you want.

Remember to update the "Total Animations Number" in the IFP Header at the top of the TXT.


I did this and ran into problems with the new animations not remembering root changes in the next animation, specifically, the root Z rotation (it added an x and y rotation in the opposite direction). Could there be instance numbers in there somewhere that Max is confusing? I have an initial animation I'd like to start with, and then just copy that 6 times so I have 7 in the ifp, using the first one as a base, then just copy/paste my 0 keys. Did I miss something? Do I need to set keys for the x and y rotations anyway, even though I'm not using them?


I could just make one animation per ifp, but that seems kind of silly... mercie_blink.gif


EDIT: Also, for me (Win 7) the batch file never works, just open cmd as administrator and type (without quotes) "T2B.exe file.txt file.ifp" I tend to put my files and the T2B files into an easy folder on a secondary drive (example G:/stuff) and do it from that (G:, then cd stuff).


EDIT 2: Solved my problem, needed to add more keyframes so Max could interpolate a 360 rotation from 90.0 to -270.0. Sorry to make a mess in your thread. blush.gif

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i followed exactly the same as your tutorial

even the ifp name, animation name and everything


but when I load it in max, it says "Header Data Not Correct!"


This is the header


//////This is Header Sectionc 4ANP3i 125058c 24PARKOURi 15////



And I'm using 3ds Max 2011, and Kam's script dated 21 Dec 05

Oh. And also i save the text file using ANSI encoding (tried using other, but can't convert it to .ifp)

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  • 2 months later...

same problem over here,

it shows this message when i remove any animation from txt,

i need help....

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could someone help me please?

whenever I try to use dump ifp, it just gives me out this error: -- Unknown property: "count" in undefined

talking about vice city, not san andreas. Yes, I chose the export as 'GTA 3 / VC'


also I'm a real noob in 3dsmax, could someone explain how do i 'copy' and 'paste' animations?


like i open up lalala.ifp, there's animation player_Dildo3. I can get the animation to render on the model, but how do I 'copy' it, then open up hehehe.ifp, and replace animation 'player_boobs' with it?


another problem I have, the model lies on his back and while applying animation, it is edited by adding animation of him going from laying position to standing position, thus if i replace anim it's f*cked.


sorry for my retarded questions..

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Creating Custom IFP's
IFP is the animation format of the Grand Theft Auto series since GTA III. With GTA San Andreas there came a new version of the file format, but it still supports animations with the old version. IFP files can contain several single animations which are split up to objects and linked to the animated object or actor in that way. Each object contains a certain number of frames including a time key. Two frames are interpolated by the game.

Why create a new IFP?

Well, if you dont do it ,you will need to replace existing animations. And that sometimes is annoying for Modders, specially when creating Total Conversions. So with this tutorial you will learn how to Create your own IFP or Add new Animation slots in an existent IFP.


Wait a minute! I can add new anims to SA original IFP's?

Sure!, if you know how to create an IFP, you will know how to add new anims to an existent IFP file.



1. Reqerimients


In order to do this you will need a copy of 3D Studio MAX, in this tutorial i will use version 9. And in order to import/export Skeleton Data and Aniamtions you will need the KAM Max Scripts. To convert a Dumped IFP back to IFP you will need the TSB from GMAX scripts by KAM.


You can get a useless free 30-Trial version of 3D Studio Max from here:



And you may download the KAM scripts from here:


Or here:



You will need this tools too, from KAM's GMAX scripts:



Note: If this is your first attempt with 3D Studio Max, i recommend you to read some tutorials in the Net to cover the basics of the program. Or read the Help and mini tutos that came with the program Itself.



2. Loading an IFP


To make your own IFP, you need another one as a Base. So, open up 3D Studio Max. Once done run the IFP IO Kam script and load a DFF model.

Select the whole model + bones and hit the "M" button in the IFP dialog box.

user posted image


Now click on Load IFP and open any IFP from gta3.img

We wont work with the "ped.ifp" as it is very big, and it will take much time in the Dumping part.

user posted image


Ok, so you loaded an IFP file. I loaded the Colt 45 animations.



Anim. File: The IFP file name.

Total Animation: Total Number of Anims inside the IFP.

Internal Name: The name the game uses to call the IFP.


And in the list you see each anim by name. You can double clcik one and it will apply the anim on your Model. You can see it by messing aournd with the Time Line buttons.

user posted image


Now you see how the anims are shown in the IFP.



3. Dumping the IFP


Now we have to "decompile" the IFP, to do so we can close the IFP IO dialog box. And we run the IFP Dump script from the Kam's Animation Panel.

user posted image


Now the Dump IFP dialog box is open, click on "Dump GTA IFP" and select the IFP we saw before. In my case the colt45.ifp.


While the Dump prossess is active you will see alot of numbers and letters flash in the bottom left of the screen, when the flashing is over and the text is static again the Dump i over.


So now press "F11" and you will see the MAX SCRIPT Listener. Select all the text there and copy it.

user posted image


Open up the Notepad and paste everything there. Now save that as you want, in my case colt45.txt



4. Editing the TXT


Now, lets see what we have done. We converted an IFP file to a TXT. So it can be read by a human beeing.

Lets try to understand it.


First off, delete the Path Line.

In my case this one:


<!-- path="C:\Documents and Settings\sonia\Escritorio\colt45.txt" -->


user posted image


Now let me explain some values:

The Header section is this part:


//////This is Header Sectionc 4ANP3i 125058c 24COLT45i 17////



Important Stuff:

ANP3: Animation Package 3, Version identifier. However there is no pack with ANP2.

COLT45: This is the Name the Game uses to call this IFP file. (As seen in the IFP IO as "Internal Name")

7: Total Number of Animations (As seen in the IFP IO as "Total Animmation")


You must change the name of the IFP, there cant be more than 1 with the same name. So you may call it with the name that reprsent what kind of anims you will add in there. So, in my example i will use "PARKOUR".


If you know how many anims you will add, then change the "7" with number of anims you need inside this IFP. In my case 5.


So this is it:


//////This is Header Sectionc 4ANP3i 125058c 24PARKOURi 15////



Now lets move down, to the start of the first anim:


////Animation 2guns_crouchfire Start Herec 242guns_crouchfirei 326 4316 1c 24


Thats the header of the first animation, below that you see each bone coordinates (Nothing important now).


Important Stuff:

2guns_crouchfire: Thats the name of the animation, you have to change it in the "Start here" text and below "c 24" too, must be the same name.


So, if you know what anim will go there, then just put the name of the anim. In my case it will be "BckHndSpingBTuck"


So this is the result:


////Animation BckHndSpingBTuck Start Herec 24BckHndSpingBTucki 326 4316 1c 24




Each new anim beggings with the "Animation [Anim Name] Start Here", so its easy to see each of them. This IFP has 7 anims, and I only need 5. So i will go to the bottom of the text file and delete 2 anims.


Once done you will have 5 anims declared and 5 anims writed, so everything is ok. Remember to rename the other anims, in my case the other 4 anims are:






Note: Remember to delete all the Bones keys when deleting the unused anims!

If you want more anims than there are in the IFP, select the whole text from one anim. From the Header (The Start part) down until you reach the next animation Start (Dont include it). Copy it and paste it at the bottom until you counted the number of anism you want.

Remember to update the "Total Animations Number" in the IFP Header at the top of the TXT.


If everything is OK, you can save the changes and prepare for next step.



5. Compiling


Now its time to compile the TXT, convert it to IFP again.

You will need the TSB file.

Inside you will see an exe called "T2B.EXE", its a command prompt aplication. If you are not familiar with this kind of aplication dont worry i made a Batch file to exeucte it, you will only need to change the name of the TXT to "package.txt".


Here its the batch file:


@echo offecho IFP Compiler by Delfiecho Batch file created by Coin-goDecho --------------------------------------------------echo Compiling Package.txt in current folder.echo Please wait...T2B.EXE "package.txt" "package.ifp"echo IFP File created. echo Done.echo --------------------------------------------------echo.pause


Open a Notepad paste that code and save as "Compiler.bat".


Put the compiler, the T2B.EXE and your package.txt in the same folder. Run compiler.bat and it will compile the txt.

user posted image


Now you created your own IFP file!, but wait! It still has the anims from the Colt 45 IFP.

Its time to go to the last Step to finish everything!



6. Replacing


Ok, now open up your new IFP file with IFP IO in 3D MAX. I changed the name of the IFP to Parkour.ifp

user posted image


Awesome! The Internal Name of the ifp is Parkour and the anims are listed with the new names!


But the anims are still Colt 45 ones.


So now you have to make your anims and replace them in their correct place.

What i mean is that I will make a Front Hand Spring anim, when its done i will replace the "FrntHndSrping" slot with it!


Do the same with the rest of the anims and the IFP will be ready!



Congratulations, you created you first IFP with custome anims inside!




Download the IFP i created during this tutorial:




Further Reading:

IFP FileType Description

Custom Player Animations


Thanks to:

Wesser, with out him this tuto wouldnt Exist.

Kam, Great Scripts.

Mirror Link Please -Mediafire- -4shared- Or anything that i can download

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Hayate Kankichi

i truly don't understand the compiling step, could you please explain me easily that how i use TSB to convert .txt to .ifp

so can you plz make a video tutorial for that so i can be understand it, because it write that i have to covert .txt to .ifp but how you do that this is hart to understand for me

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Hayate Kankichi

i create one ifp, but why there is a glitch while i use my custom ifp, well i want to create bicycle kick mod of liu kang from mortal kombat, there is a glitch when i edit a file name FightB_1 and decompile it then compile it whole file, but when i run in game, that is shrink then back to normal, that is annoying and creepy, i want to remove this glitch, but how i can remove it, please tell me, or if you don't understand what is my problem so i can make a video to explain it and you will understand it well

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  • 4 years later...

Somebody paste an TSB compiler please.


Link isn't available anymore (file is 0KB).


Thanks in advance for quick help

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  • 11 months later...

i wanted to create a custom animation for a cutscene in gta vice city, but the cutscene model isn't working with 3ds max, any idea why?


so now i can't apply this tutorial 

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