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[TuT] Adding cars to GTA SA


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I've followed this tutorial to the letter and I'm having the same bicycle horn/cars disappearing/messed up wheels/crashing on vehicle entry issues that so many others have had...all at once!


I wanted to get a screenshot, but of course when I loaded the game up again the car I added (Grove St. gang Burrito) was nowhere to be found, though they wouldn't stop popping up the first time. Go figure. sarcasm.gif


I've skimmed through this thread and nothing I found seems to be of any assistance. If someone could give me a short, succinct explanation as to how to correct this issue it'd be greatly appreciated.



Before anyone asks:


No it is not a pirated copy

Yes I have the right version

Yes I have a clean copy

Yes I followed the instructions for the tut, the downloaded car readme as well as the required plugins


Thanks in advance.

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dont know

can u set here a download of car spawner u use


edit: i founded car spawner by jacobs

but when i spawn car i got crash

all cars have sound of bmx and horn of bmx

can u help me

can anybody post here a video tutorial, pls

Edited by yurma3
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use this in vehicle audio editor




8:02 07.07.2008

© Alexander




; Type = 0 - loading without stream , 1 - using stream

; if u have some troubles with sounds try to set TYPE in 0
























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Maybe you should try that:


Change that:




; Type = 0 - loading without stream , 1 - using stream

; if u have some troubles with sounds try to set TYPE in 0


in VehicleAudioEditor to




; Type = 0 - loading without stream , 1 - using stream

; if u have some troubles with sounds try to set TYPE in 0



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You can always use NTAuthority's Vehicle Audio Hook. IMO it's more stable.

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i have added 13 cars, but I wish to add second quad bike (quada) but the problem he uses another quad.IFP.

How to keep (preserve) 2 ifp?

example: quad.ifp and quada.ifp

quada.ifp is not detected...

user posted image


thanx and sorry for my bad english.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

I've added at least 15 cars to game and I haven't had many issues.

I added all new handling lines for them at the very end of the handling.cfg file. They all seem to work fine for the most part, but a couple seem to be too low to the ground and they all seem to have the same handling properties. I think maybe the game is using the last line I put there for all of the added cars but I'm not entirely sure.

It is kind of annoying but I work around it for now because only 2 of them don't work right and the rest work fine.

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Due to some trouble I had with car audio (horn was BMx's bell and engine was footsteps), I reinstalled my GTA SA. But, for some reason, I still have those probems, even after having uninstalled the game and deleted my GTA San Andreas drectory.. BUT, this problem randomly occurs : I mean, sometimes the sounds are not bugged, sometimes they are. If someone could help me to get the "normal" sounds back once for oood plz...

EDIT : I resolved the problem, apparently I didn't install the audio content, so the game could not render properly motors and horns wink.gif

EDIT 2 : I found out why it made my sounds go mad. CLEO 4 literally f*cks u the sound. Tryng w/ version 3.

EDIT 3 : CLEO 3 f*cks up my game too. And when I reinstall my game, my custom cars and sounds are reinstalled too. Wutdaf*ck ?

EDIT 4 : Found out why my game bugs. Try reccovering the vorbis.dll file in GTA SA's root directory using this tool : http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?d...wnload&id=22764 It's just a recoverer for GTA SA files. Now I can run CLEO AND have the sounds back 8D

Edited by Metal Angel
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  • 5 weeks later...

the car image isn't loading properly into the game. the why?



EDIT: nevermind i got it to work properly but how to remove those bmx sounds for the horns and stuff?

Edited by DreddDEVIL
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Hey where Should I add the handling line?? This is the first car I added following your process. Should I add it between "UTIL_TR1" and "ROLLER" lines or after the "ROLLER" line or somewhere else? Please help Me. cry.gif


The handling line of the car (Kia Sportage from GTAINSIDE.com)

KIA 2275.0 4600.0 0.78 0.0 -0.07 0.07 80 0.721 0.668 0.5 5 206.0 18.9 13.33 4 P 4.3 0.585 1 27.78 0.5 0.14 0.0 0.09 -0.05 0.5 0.5 0.1 0.22 72000 00042020 00440001 1 1 0


sad.gif JUST HEELLPPP!!! sad.gif

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Don't add any new entries to handling.cfg, unless you want the game to be really f*cked up.

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