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GTANet Annual Awards 2008 Winners


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So then, another year done. It's been a good year here at GTAForums. The release of GTA:IV brought about record network traffic levels and a large number of great new and returning members to complement the existing roster of quality users that frequent these forums. Whilst it is worthy to note that the vast majority of you are excellent members, there are a number of users who have excelled in certain fields. These people are the winners of the following awards, all of which have been nominated and voted for by yourselves.


It is a shame not everyone can win these awards, as a large number of you lot are deserving.


Anyway, without further delay, here are the results.






GTA Series Awards: Most Helpful


1st - saintdave [93]

2nd - CharmingCharlie [86]

3rd - girishb [74]


GTA Series Awards: Most Knowledgeable


1st - CharmingCharlie [82]

2nd - saintdave [74]

3rd - girishb [67]



GTA Series Awards: Best 'SNP'er


1st - CCPD [50]

2nd - girishb [34]

3rd - Bartleby [28]


GTA Series Awards: Best Screenshots


1st - TenaciousD. [67]

2nd - Taste of Chaos [42]

=3rd - AzO [27]

=3rd - AndySerb [27]



GTA Series Awards: Best Videos


1st - Ottae/TenaciousD. [112]

2nd - BenNuja [60]

3rd - adamcs [39]



GTA Series Awards: Best Contribution


1st - CCPD (All Game Mission Save Files) [59]

2nd - Oddsock (Algonquin Assassins) [49]

=3rd - girishb (100% Checklist) [44]

=3rd - Tuff Luv Capo (Train Kept A-Rollin' [44]






GTA Modding Awards: Best Vehicle


1st - HQ/HD GTA Cars [181]

2nd - '70 Chevelle [44]

3rd - '88 GMC RTS [18]



GTA Modding Awards: Best Map Modification


1st - Gostown6 [114]

2nd - GTASA: Liberty City [46]

3rd - GTA:United [43]



GTA Modding Awards: Best Mission Mod


1st - Design Your Own Mission [126]

2nd - ZAZ's Cleo3 Mods [59]

3rd - Biohazard Alert [46]



GTA Modding Awards: Best Ped/Player Model


1st - Niko Bellic for SA [100]

2nd - King of the South [64]

3rd - goin-god's Rigged Stuff [57]



GTA Modding Awards: Best Weapon


1st - Grant Theft Millenia [108]

2nd - GRIM!!'s AKM [106]

3rd - Tirnronim's 1911 [33]



GTA Modding Awards: Best Tutorial


1st - Converting Endorphin Anims to GTA [74]

2nd - How to Make a Breakable Object [58]

3rd - Importing Textures with OpenIV [38]



GTA Modding Awards: Best Tool


1st - ENBSeries [100]

2nd - SparkIV [80]

3rd - OpenIV [38]



GTA Modding Awards: Most Helpful


1st - DexX [41]

2nd - aru [40]

3rd - ZAZ [32]





GTA Expression Awards: Most Talented


1st - CCPD [92]

2nd - Videopoker [19]

3rd - anuj [18]



GTA Expression Awards: Most Helpful


1st - CCPD [117]

2nd - eDad/Guybrush [25]

3rd - Picolini [19]



GTA Expression Awards: Best Writer


1st - Masterkraft [47]

2nd - The Unvirginiser [31]

3rd - Candarelli [24]



GTA Expression Awards: Best Debator


=1st - Illspirit [31]

=1st - Struff Bunstridge [31]

=3rd - SagaciousKJB [27]

=3rd - K^2 [27]



GTA Expression Awards: Best Story/Poem


1st - GTA: San Andreas Stories [54]

2nd - The Best Xmas Present I've Ever Had! [16]

3rd- Return to Heart City [11]



GTA Expression Awards: Best Signature


1st - Trows [43]

2nd - eDad/Guybrush [41]

3rd - Zak. [39]



GTA Expression Awards: Picture of the Year


1st - -maddog- [93]

2nd - Saget [49]

3rd - Zak. [45]






GTA Community Awards: Most Respected


1st - Tank [54]

2nd - anuj [36]

3rd - Waddy [31]



GTA Community Awards: Most Helpful


1st - girishb [52]

2nd - saintdave [32]

3rd - Suction Testicle Man [29]



GTA Community Awards: Most Improved


1st - Slamman [43]

2nd - Lega_c [40]

3rd - Stefan. [33]


GTA Community Awards: Best New Member


=1st - Struff Bunstridge [52]

=1st - Machida [52]

3rd - GTArv [43]


GTA Community Awards: Funniest Member


1st - anuj [47]

2nd - eDad/Guybrush [44]

3rd - Lega_c [40]


GTA Community Awards: Best Returning Member


1st - Mainland Marauder [82]

2nd - Damien [33]

3rd - Mar [31]



GTA Community Awards: Best IRC Chan Op


1st - Waddy [47]

2nd - Luke [33]

3rd - LeChuck/eDad [29]



GTA Community Awards: Thread of the Year


1st - masturbating [90]

2nd - The Hot Chick Topic v3.0 [65]

3rd - Russian Roulette/Mark's 10k [44]





GTA Staff Awards: Best Area Moderator


1st - CharmingCharlie [46]

=2nd - girishb [27]

=2nd - Lochie [27]



GTA Staff Awards: Best Global Moderator


1st - GTA3Freak-2001 [42]

2nd - Waddy [40]

=3rd - anuj [37]

=3rd - Justin [37]

=3rd - Mark [37]



GTA Staff Awards: Best Administrator


1st - Suction Testicle Man [86]

2nd - adamcs [56]

3rd - illspirit [37]




GTA Gang Awards: Best Gang


1st - SRS Incorporated [46]

2nd - The Yardies [32]

3rd - The Crook Department [31]


GTA Gang Awards: Best Player


1st - Lega_c [27]

2nd - stev150 [25]

=3rd - AndySerb [20]

=3rd - JostVice [20]



GTA Gang Awards: Best Event


1st - GTANet SA:MP Final Meet [61]


3rd - Destruction Derby [34]



GTA Gang Awards: Best Official Gang


1st - Leone Family Mafia [64]

2nd - Zaibatsu [61]

3rd - $outh $ide Hoodz [47]


Individual award winners will have their medal log updated in due course. If anybody is interested in knowing exactly where they came (if out of the top 3) please PM me quoting the award in question and I will get back to you. Thank you.

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saintdave takes to the stage


First I’d like to thank Mark and the other admins getting this together and organised in the first place, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m a firm believer these awards give all members something to aim for in that if you help out and conduct yourself well you will get recognition.


Congratulations to all that won awards they were richly deserved and I’m pleased to see many members I know well coming in first place for their respective categories.


Lastly thank you to those who nominated me in the first place and voted for me.

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Mainland Marauder

Awesome. Congratulations to everyone. icon14.gif

"You tell me exactly what you want, and I'll explain to you very carefully why it cannot be."

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Thanks to everyone who voted for The Yardies and it's members in the awards.


Better luck next year i guess for all the losers, one question do the 2nd and 3rd placed people get a verbal commendation at least, or nothing?

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Just finished giving people medals.


Congrats to the winners, unlucky to the runners up. Thanks Mark for doing the whole thing in the first place!


Edit: Holy sh*t, gold medal biggrin.gif


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GTA Gang Awards: Best Official Gang


1st - Leone Family Mafia [64]

F*CK YEAH!!! happy.gif


And I can't believe I made it to the top 3 in 6 out of 7 nominations. Doesn't sound bad, eh?


And congratulations to all members who won; almost everyone thoroughly deserved it. icon14.gif

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Most f*cking improved?


You avin' a laugh.


Oh and congrats to all winners icon14.gif.


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Holy sh*t, Ottae, congratz, your the first happy.gif

...along with CCPD.


Major congrats to both Ottae and CCPD. smile.gif

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GTA Community Awards: Most Improved


1st - Slamman [43]





Congrats everyone.



Sucks for the runner-ups to that.


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