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Welcome, one and all!


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...to the Grand Theft Auto:Vice City sub-forum! biggrin.gif


I hope you get accustomed to this forum fairly quickly, and most of all hope you enjoy your time congregating with other VC lovers here on GTAF. But, as always, there are a brief amount of rules to adhere to. Don't fret, these are no different to the general rules of GTAF as a whole, only in this topic they are going to be expanded on. So, let's start with the basics-


Please adhere to the rules of GTAForums.com

You'll find the Rules and Policy for GTAF here, in the Announcements section of this forum. Please read the entire post to fully understand what you can and can't do on this forum. And please be forewarned; breaching these rules may result in locked/deleted topics, reminders/warnings sent to your Warn log and, in some cases, force staff to temporarily/permanently ban your account. We wouldn't want that happening now, would we? Which is why it is a necessity to obey these oh-so-simple rules.


Replying to Spam/flaming- don't do it!

Spam and flaming is not tolerated here on GTAF. There's no need for it to go ahead as it often deteriorates the forum. We want this sub-forum to be sparkling with good quality, not petty little arguments and unnecessary posts. If you do spam/flame other members, you could have yours or other members topic locked, you could be warned or, worse case scenario, banned. Please, don't do it! Incidentally, if you see a post which is spam or flaming, DO NOT reply to it, simply report the post, and move along. Furthermore, if you do report a post, DO NOT make a post in the topic simply stating 'Reported'. It's almost as bad as spamming/flaming in the first place, and is definitely not required.


Discussion of or relating to modifications will not be tolerated in this sub-forum

There is a tip at the top of each section of the sub-forum, and that reads 'modding questions belong in the modding forums' complete with a URL link. Please obey it, as this sub-forum forbids discussion of or relating to the use of modifications. If you create a topic relating to modifications, it will either be locked or moved. In most cases it will be locked, and you will be advised to create the topic in the modding section of the forums. Please save us the hassle by obeying this simple rule.


There will be no topics debating over GTA titles in this sub-forum

If you will notice, these sort of GTA title vs. GTA title topics have been done to death in practically all sub-forums on GTAF over the years. Personally, I don't see a problem with the topics, but I do see a problem with them if they are created in a sub-forum which is specific to only one GTA title. I'm sure they wouldn't go a miss in the GTA:NeXt sub-forum, but please, do not create them in this sub-forum. We'd like this place to be discussion of only Vice City. Not to mention a lot of GTA title vs. GTA title competitions result in petty little arguments and unnecessary flaming over a minor disagreement, and the topic's usually end up being locked in the first place.


Bumping topics/Utilizing search feature

If you are new here, and have encountered a problem with your game, I would advise you to utilise the search feature to look for topics detailing problems that you have encountered. We do not mind if you bump a multiple years old topic up if it has something to do with the topic, or if you are encountering a problem similar to the one in the topic you are bumping. Please take a look at this very useful tutorial describing exactly how to get the best search results for you- How to obtain desired search results. It is a very useful topic, and will substantially narrow down your options when searching. Well worth a look. This means that if you are encountering a problem, use the search feature and find a solution to your problem, then there is no need for you to go ahea and create a topic.


Now you know when to bump an old topic for the right reasons, now here's the wrong reasons. If you bump an age-old topic with these kinds of posts-

    • Providing help to a now inactive member
    • Providing help in a topic where a problem has already been solved
    • General chit-chat
    • Spam/unnecessary posting

...then the topic will be locked. We don't mind bumping old topics with something decent, but if you post something stupid or plain unnecessary, it will not be tolerated. For example, see this topic here. Notice that for 5 pages, it was a lengthy, decent discussion, however, it was locked on the sixth page, because the member who bumped it more than likely wasn't aware bumping 4+ year old topics with nothing to contribute doesn't go down too well with us staff. If this member had searched, he could have posted up his thoughts on the subject in the active Vehicles topic, or simply made a new topic if he wished. We'd have no problem with that, as long as it was discussion-worthy. And judging by the fact that the topic the member bumped lasted 5 pages, I think it's safe to say a decent discussion could have taken place.


Check pinned topics before creating a topic

If you are unaware, many useful topics are pinned to the top of each section of the sub-forum because they will provide help to other members. Only a select few topics are pinned, and they are all of the highest standard. So, as well as searching, check pinned topics to see if you will find the answer to a problem/query you may be occuring. In many cases, topic's get referred to pinned topics as that's where answers to many queries/problems are. Here are some very useful pinned topics, that are referred to the most-

    • Save N Play- Massively used topic, and very useful for members who are struggling with missions on the PC. In this topic, and only this topic, you can upload their save file for VC, detailing their problem, and other members will complete missions/tasks for you. In the San Andreas an IV sub-forum, there is a Mission Help section, for creating singular topics and uploading your save game files to SnP in order for other members to complete missions/tasks for you. However, in this sub-forum, since it's no-where-near as popular as the SA and IV sub-forum, the Save N Play topic is the only place you can post up your SnP requests. You'll notice this sub-forum does not have a Mission Help section, so please don;t treat it like the SA and IV section.
    • Buglist with solutions (PC, PS2 and Xbox)- This topic is a collaboration of all well known problems on every console of the game. The topic states the problem, and then states multiple solutions to fix the problem, and is very helpful and incentive to a lot of members. There are twenty nine solve problems regarding the PC version of the game and seventeen solved problems regarding the PS2 & Xbox versions of the game. It's vital you check this topic when posting a help topic in the Troubleshooting section.
    • Guides and Walkthroughs- One of the most prestigious threads going. Each and every post is complete with tips, tricks and walkthroughs on how to complete/achieve certain things. This topic is greatly admired, and will help you regarding certain problems, as well as providing you with tips and fats you never thought was possible of knowing before.
    • Downloads Database- A one-stop shop for saved games and Code Tools. In this topic you'll find save game files that are available to you, that have completed up to a certain point/task in the game. Which will prove very beneficial for those of you who wish to play a certain mission far into the game that you haven't yet accessed, and don't have the time to access. This will also be useful if you are struggling to complete a mission/task, and want to go straight into the game having already completed the mission/task you are having problems with. This topic is also complete with an array of Code Tools, all of which are guaranteed to substantially help you get past tricky situations the game throws at you.

Check each section's description before creating a topic

As well as utilizing the search feature and checking pinned topics before creating a topic, please read each section's description before simply creating a topic which would potentially be in the wrong place. Once you've got your idea of a topic, instead of posting in the general section, go ahead and read all other section to see if it would be better suited there. Each section description is thorough, and should give you a better indication of where to post a topic. For example, you shouldn't post a problem in the Gameplay section, or you shouldn't post a Gameplay related topic in the general section. But don't worry, i you are unsure where to post a topic, go ahead and post it where you think it should go. If it isn't in the right place it won't be locked, instead it will be moved. It's not hard for us Area moderators to move topics, so please don't be afraid to post a topic you are unsure where it is supposed to go.


And that's basically it! As I've said, this is not a topic to clamp down on what to do and what not to do, this is basically expanding on the rules of GTAForums.com as well as touching on the subject of common sense. I hope you enjoy your time in this sub-forum, and look forward to getting involved in discussions with VC gamers-alike. We are not dictators, we're down-to-Earth folk who enjoy congregating in VC-specific topics (and not locking/deleting such topics for the wrong reasons!). If you ever have any problems/questions, please, PM us!


Oh and, treat us Area Moderators with a bit of respect, will 'ya...?! tounge.gif


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