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New 4th Random Character

Pumpkin Zone

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Alright, so as some of you may know I am playing through The Lost and Damned again because I want to see the ending credits.


So, out to try a different path I did something that I literally think NO ONE ELSE has done on this forum.


It involves Brian, so minor spoilers.


I decided not to kill Brian. Yep, that's right. When you don't kill him, and walk away, he says 'I'll leave town Johnny!' and that's that. I just finished the mission where you steal the diamonds and was about to go do Ashley's mission where you kidnap Roman until I noticed something I never saw before. A new random character marker! So I went there, thinking I had to have gone crazy.


It was about southwest of Ashley's house, a few blocks down, and there Brian was. Standing there.


I won't tell you what the mission is, unless you guys wanna know. But, I suggest you don't do you know what and see for yourself.


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Yeah, just tell us what the mission is and put spoiler tags.

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Basically Johnny walks up to him and says 'I thought I told you to get out of town'. They ramble on about how he was sorry, and Billy was wrong and he was just following orders and being controlled. Johnny says 'f*ck you' over and over, but eventually Brain says 'I want to help, follow me' and Johnny agrees saying 'If you f*ck with me, I'll kill you'


You follow him in Alderney, and he calls someone on the phone saying ' I ran into Johnny Klebitz ', sounding very weird and foreboding. Eventually you get to northern Algonquin and go into this small carpark. Brian screams 'Haha, bet you weren't expecting this!' and you are instructed to take out Brain and his faction.


You kill them all and mission over. Pretty sh*tty, you kill the bastard anyway.



(sorry, I was in the middle of doing the mission when I posted the thread, and Brian's AI kept getting stuck against a wall)


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i like coffee enemas


Man, I just blasted him the second he ran out of the door. I'll definitely let him live next time. Nice find dude.

Edited by leelee862
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god that little pus never gives up does he?! i thought you had to kill him at his "safe" house so i blasted him as soon as he tried to ride out.

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I done that mission before.


When i was originally going to the random character marker it was white and no one was there but after a while of driving around i noticed that it had turned green so i drove over and there was Brian standing on the steps.


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I thought Brian got away in the mission with the bikers going in circles?

Taking you to his house.

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