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Hello GTAForums Member,
We're proud to have you as a part of our ever growing community dedicated to this super awesome franchise 'Grand Theft Auto' by Rockstar Games. Please take a moment to go through the following guidelines that will help you start your forum life in an appropriate manner. smile.gif

Rules & Policy
Every new/old member is expected to read the forum rules and policies that can be found over here [GTAForums Rules & Policy] .
It'll help you understand what is allowed and what is not. Using the Search Function Search Functions by Dutchy3010
How to obtain desired Search Results by adamcs
Click on the above link. It'll guide you on using the search function to yield accurate results.
Use of the search function is important and highly recommended.
Modding Questions All Modding questions belong in the Modding Forums.

Creating New Topics

  • Since the game is pretty old, anything that you need help on might have already been answered in some topic created long time back. This is where the search function comes into play.
  • Always check the pinned topics. They're pinned for a very good reason.
  • If you're unable to find what you're looking for using the search function or in the pinned topics, then feel free to create a new topic and ask away.
  • Post your topic in the appropriate sub-forum.
  • Please be as precise and clear as you can while asking a question. Bumping Old Topics DO NOT bump old topics if you've nothing substantial to contribute to them.
  • Unnecessary bumping of topics will result in warnings and the topic getting locked.
  • Warez|Hot Coffee Discussion
    • In accordance with GTAForums.com rules, discussion of warez (illegally obtained copies of the game via downloads, torrents, etc.) or the hot coffee modification will NOT be tolerated.
      Buy the game if you wish to seek help.
      Remember, providing info on how to obtain illegal copies of the game is a bannable offence .
    Important Topics|Links
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