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The Lost and Damned FAQ

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I DID the grossman ped mission but am well into the game[68%] and even had some long conversations and done some missions with malc... but NO PED MISSIONS HAVE EVER BEEN AVAILABLE FOR HIM.edit:this has been resolved. sorry and thanx. the missions i completed w malc were for elizabeta. i'm praying they will pop up soon.i've had brian pop up as a ped after i let him live but i killed him before he could get away as he set me up at the ambush.so, there was no chase or execution. that autoshotgun just tore him in half as he laughed and reached the steps


also, i notice the achievement 1%er is got after the first mission? i can confirm it is not.. why? cos i don't have that achievement.i suppose i should just restart the game? but what IS the first mission? and anybody know why i didn't get this achvmnt [i have xbox360].




EDIT: i'm sorry.. i just found the 1%er achvmnt all the way back amongst my vanilla achvmnts..way way 10 achvmnts behind my other tLatD achvmnts!!!! very odd!!


Edited by synchro_w

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i'm not sure whether this is the norm but i justwon a race from meeting m,alc who was a blue 'ped' icon. he challenges me to a race and i won it [luckily i was riding my fav hakachu custom.. i can't see a chopper outpacing a rice burner w such slow accelerations]. there's a short conversation with malc after i won the race then he rides off. is that a ped that should be included? i've done grossman, malc 1 and 2 [w his friend] and brian but they were white 'ped' icons.


hope this helps.


EDIT:gotta cut down on the beers whilst posting!! i double posted mostly here. sry. DOH!

Edited by synchro_w

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I just did Malcs first mission and Daves first, and got the percentage addition. I didn't do Malcs race (the shooting of DeSean came first for me) so, do I still need ot do his second? The icon isn't appearing on my map anyway. Thanks.

the ped side missions seem odd to me. i did grossman's first cos it showed up as a white icon on the south central island - the exchange, i think - then after i completed 100% of elizabeta's missions the malc repairing his bike side mission was next, then malc in the parking area outside the housing block. i didnt kill brian so his white ped icon appeared and i dealt with him but much later on i noticed a blue ped icon and this started a cutscene w malc and a race which he then invited me to that i think starts in north bohan and ends in algonquin near the pay'n'spray. i won that and he says his goodbyes and rides off .


i've heard that u r rewarded with a double T custom for winning this race but i never found one anywhere, just a goodbye from malc and that was that.


hope this helps.

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you'll have to load up the lost 1st and then once its loaded, pause the game then select load game and then load up the Vanilla(original) version. its a pain because it then takes another minute of loading. It must make the downloaded version the default and loads it up 1st.

Not True-I have the PS3 version, and the first screen that pops up is the "welcome" screen(of sorts)-the one that has the options-choose either IV OR EFLC-if you choose EFLC, another screen pops up and show TLAD and TBOGT(you choose which one to load) IF you choose IV, it loads the regular IV straight away...


The ONLY odd feature, is that if you start with either TBOGT/TLAD OR vice versa with IV, you have to exit the game and reload to get to a different game-cannot load a save from TBOGT OR TLAD while in IV and Vice versa-it just gives the error about the downloaded content cannot be found(or something similar-haven't played the PS3 in a while, so not sure of the exact message?)...

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YESSS!!!! I got a free working PSN + Xbox Live Code Generator here **removed** Download now! Limited time only!!!!

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YESSS!!!! I got a free working PSN + Xbox Live Code Generator here **removed** Download now! Limited time only!!!!

Pretty sure you can get in alot of legal trouble for something like that...or atleast get banned for life, lmao


Not that I am one of the "I MUST FOLLOW THE LAW" types, but I'd really watch doing stuff like that.

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AdvanceTrak RSC

Good info thanks

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Hi guys, can anyone help me with this problem I've got with TLaD free mode?


Right earlier today I decided to go back on TLaD free mode to see if there are lots of people still playing free mode. So I go to the lobby and then click ready, then the loading screen appears, then it says "Disconnected from game session, returning to single player", and it is every time I'm connecting to free mode. So then after a few attempts, gave up.


Does anyone know why this happens and anyone that can help me reconnect to free mode without that frustrating message popping up, much appreciated.


Hopefully tomorrow I can reconnect. Fingers crossed

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Does it happen on The Ballad of Gay Tony or GTA 4?

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Hi Grove street 4 life

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