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The Lost and Damned FAQ

Recommended Posts


i have a question about the savehouse that you get from brian after you kill him

is there somewhere in that house a tv and/or a computer?

Nope, neither of them are inside said Safehouse.

There is a TV that doesn't work and in a dead-end room with no other purpose there is a computer monitor but no computer, like Rockstar is teasing about what you don't have. They may have once intended those features to work but changed their minds or ran out of time to implement.

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In the second or third trailer, pre-release, we DID see Niko in the back of a limo, as someone pointed out, I don't recall that in actual gameplay so there's more in store for gameplayers I believe, unless that actually got scrapped.


One thing I'm wondering is where we will hear of a disc release for the DLC first? I am very damn eager to just play the DLC out for Lost and the Damned now, but having both on one disc is still appealing

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The only news is the info that was released during the Ballad of Gay Tony announcement- about the Episodes from Liberty City disc set.

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Okay quick q.


I complete the Story mode and i was driving around on Johnny's bike when I saw a Sabre GT. So i ditched his bike and took the Sabre back to the safe house and saved the game so i could always have the Sabre when needed. My only issue is, it seems like Johnny's bike isn't respawning. It was just weird. Any ideas? I reloaded it still wasn't there.

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I have an odd question here. Can someone please tell me the name of the Protagonist in TLAD please? THX smile.gif

Johnny Klebitz.

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Flak Panzer Gepard
As of today, no, this game is exclusive to the Xbox 360.


Although there's for sure a PC version coming, there's nothing about a PS3 version.


Thank you

Thank you.

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Whats the font used in the 'Game Faq' at the very top of the OP? I don't feel like looking through all 7 seven pages.

You'll have to ask Azazel, he designed the logo for it.

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  • 1 month later...


OK, cool.

I might do that when I finish of the rest of the Encounters and Seagulls.

Are you finding the Seagulls yourself or do you have a map?

Did you ever get a response about the map for the Seagulls? If there is one (hopefully with screen shots) I'd really like to have it. ^_^

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  • 2 weeks later...

Malc- 1

Malc in a parking lot, where you first met him in the storyline. He is prepping for a race and invites you to compete with him. You need a bike and to go to the start line. You must then win the race. This race is not unique as it can be done from the same starting point as this encounter.


IS IT POSSIBLE TO RE-DO IT? koz i failed it nd i dunno how 2 do it again.

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  • 1 month later...

Want to have a fun rampage in city without encountering cops or using cheats?


The one level I'm sure of in GTA 4 is "Out of Commission" - but this is one of the very last levels in the game and while its still fun to go on an uninterrupted spree, it doesn't do much good for any other purposes.


I did however find in "The lost and the Damned" a mission early on that would be classified as a zero max mission. "Liberty City Choppers" is like the 5th mission or so.


Jim will have you come with him to steal 4 bikes from a rival gang. When you get there and begin stealing the bikes, you have to call your buddies for backup. After killing the rival bikers, load the 4 bikes onto your trailer and leave the scene. Follow the waypoint back to the drop off spot, but do not enter the mission complete. Ditch the truck and bikes and have fun. Jim seems to come with you everywhere, and he even will join in on the fun at times. You shouldn't encounter any cops from that point forward and have free reign of the entire map.



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I cannot manage to get a hooker with me anymore.

It seems cut away or something..

Anyone an idea?


..later that night..


It works! Hell yes!

Would be nice to edit/raise costs for whores, Pay´n Spray, Lapdance and all that stuff..

But that damn crap is crypted..

Edited by Straubinger82
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  • 5 weeks later...

i just finished TLAD and i was wondering how can i switch back to the original gta4 story...? (bought TLAD from PS store)

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  • 4 weeks later...

you'll have to load up the lost 1st and then once its loaded, pause the game then select load game and then load up the Vanilla(original) version. its a pain because it then takes another minute of loading. It must make the downloaded version the default and loads it up 1st.

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  • 1 month later...

What is the biggest money make in the multi player? I really want to play some Witness Protection. Does anything compare to Noose or maybe Bomb Da Base? Add me if you down.

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  • 2 months later...

I DID the grossman ped mission but am well into the game[68%] and even had some long conversations and done some missions with malc... but NO PED MISSIONS HAVE EVER BEEN AVAILABLE FOR HIM.edit:this has been resolved. sorry and thanx. the missions i completed w malc were for elizabeta. i'm praying they will pop up soon.i've had brian pop up as a ped after i let him live but i killed him before he could get away as he set me up at the ambush.so, there was no chase or execution. that autoshotgun just tore him in half as he laughed and reached the steps


also, i notice the achievement 1%er is got after the first mission? i can confirm it is not.. why? cos i don't have that achievement.i suppose i should just restart the game? but what IS the first mission? and anybody know why i didn't get this achvmnt [i have xbox360].




EDIT: i'm sorry.. i just found the 1%er achvmnt all the way back amongst my vanilla achvmnts..way way 10 achvmnts behind my other tLatD achvmnts!!!! very odd!!


Edited by synchro_w
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i'm not sure whether this is the norm but i justwon a race from meeting m,alc who was a blue 'ped' icon. he challenges me to a race and i won it [luckily i was riding my fav hakachu custom.. i can't see a chopper outpacing a rice burner w such slow accelerations]. there's a short conversation with malc after i won the race then he rides off. is that a ped that should be included? i've done grossman, malc 1 and 2 [w his friend] and brian but they were white 'ped' icons.


hope this helps.


EDIT:gotta cut down on the beers whilst posting!! i double posted mostly here. sry. DOH!

Edited by synchro_w
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