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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.
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[EXE]Creating Custom Icon For SA/VC/GTA3

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Ok well after some research into icon i decied to make this simple little tutorial, it will help you create a custom Icon for your latest Mod project, or to just make your exe look pretty tounge.gif


First Find a pciture you want to make into an icon make sure that it is nice and simple so that when it is compressed to 100x100 pixels it still looks like what it should be,


in my case im using a picture of Dan Fortesque From MediEvil


After you have got that save it as either a Gif or Jpeg file.


Next go to this website http://www.rw-designer.com/online_icon_maker.php


Then The icon maker box should be on the page



Click browse and locate your desired image and click ok, then click go, your image should then appear inside the icon maker box like this




once everthing is to your liking click save icon in the top right corner of the box and save wherever you want, (this has no effect on whether the icon works or not).


Now what we need to do is download a tool called resoursehacker from here


Unzip all the contents into a folder and run the reshacker.exe

now you should have this window open


now click file-open and locate the exe you want the icon replaced(in my case the SA one) , the click icon group, in that tree select 100 and then select the 2057, if it's all correct you should see this




then go to action, replace icon, this windows opens




Direct it to your icon file, the one you saved earlier and click replace, if all is correct your icon should show up in the top right hand corner of the box, then click file save, and voila your done



Q:Oh no the icon didn't change

A: Just close the folder that the exe is in and open again, then your exe will have your new icon (it basicallty refreshes it)


If you have any other problems or queries let me know smile.gif


hope this is helpful to someone







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You, know i dont really recomend this. SA has many EXE version, some people may not be able to execute your mod with your exe.

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It works I have been able to create my exe with some of my own knowledge.

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Mr. Kingpin

Bammagera, thanks for sharing it with GTAForums users. Before viewing this topic, I already knew about resourcehacker but didn't ever think about changing the icon.


Now you remind me of something. I'll go do it!


Again, great and simple tutorial icon14.gif

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