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"one of a kind bike"

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I have read that we will have a one of a kind bike that can be replaced by calling a certain character, but it was specified that the replacement would not be identical. Do you think this implies some degree of bike customization is available?

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Grand Theft Auto Dude

Johnny's bike is a unique modded version of another bike. Like the modded cars in GTA IV, you can't customize it yourself, you just find it like that.

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I doubt it. It would be cool, but R* aren't concerntrating on that. Plus, the bikes are pretty good and you have a nice range of choppers so in the pack of bikes, one is surely catching your eye.

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I doubt it. I see it more as a 'punisment' for not taking proper care of your beloved Hexer. If you get it blown up, you will have to settle for a similar, but not identical bike.

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The bike in question will just have a script controlled colour that will be one of a kind, like Bernies infernus. Once you lose it it is gone, the replacement will be the same bike but in a different colour.

Scripting one off coloured vehicles has been standard practice in GTA games for a while now. Marnie's pink Felzer for example.

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The problem with these "one of a kind" vehicles is that they can randomly disappear from the game through no fault of your own. It happened with Stevie's Comet; it just vanished from the parking space.


I hope they've made an effort to fix this bug for the DLC.

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Just a souped-up modded version of a biker bike... I think. whatsthat.gif


But.. errr... I simply cannot wait for IT & other vehicles.. I just love to look all around the car models themselves, I've done it over & over with all the current ones available! lol tounge2.gif

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