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Thoughts On The Last Movie You've Seen

Message added by Crokey

Please post more than just the title. 


We don't need a War and Peace essay on the film, but at least give a couple of sentences of good and bad points and even throw in a rating if you want to, as long as you give some rationale.

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Here to bring the sentences-per-post average up again I guess... John Wick (2014)     If you want your action sequences to an A standard and your movies to a B, then John Wick might be the K

You talking to me?

Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm   When the first movie came out, I was a different person.  Far more conservative.  I was angry at Borat for pointing out my country’s flaws.  As I’ve grown older

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  • 2 weeks later...

Inconceivable, starring Nicolas Cage as a side character who gets billed as one of the main characters (likely to get more people to see the movie) and Gina Gershon, who starred in Face/Off alongside Cage, so it was cool to see that the makers of this movie loved that film enough to bring them both back in another film. Unfortunately, this was more of a Lifetime Original Movie than a Face/Off 2. I would have totally settled for a cheap knockoff of Face/Off, but it was more like a cheap knockoff of When the Bough Breaks.

I suppose it's a decent thriller if you're bored and want to watch a movie with some Cage in it, but if Cage wasn't in this, I would have completely avoided it. It at least had one very unintentionally funny and meme-able Cage moment towards the end when he finds out "the truth about what's been going on," and Cage's acting during that scene instantly reminded me of his performance in The Wicker Man, so that alone made the movie worth sitting through for me. Despite Cage not being in much of it, he steals every scene he's in.

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When browsing Netflix, the cover for this movie caught my attention.


Stone Cold Steve Austin and Danny Trejo are pitted against each other in this straight-to-DVD action movie, and honestly, it was far more enjoyable than I thought it would be! As I've probably mentioned before, I'm a sucker for mindless action movies, and this one actually managed to keep my interest despite the story that I'm sure we've heard a thousand times before (ex-cop turned vigilante is gonna make the bad guys pay after they kill his family). Plus, it's Steve Austin and Danny Trejo. I'm surprised that this pairing in a film didn't happen sooner.

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the f*cking The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey (2012), and you know what; I enjoyed it too mutha f*cker... MUTHA f*ckER...

Not my usual type of movie/film. . . but it aired, I watched a scene, thought I missed the first ten minutes, but what I saw, entertained me enough...

Later caught myself watching it on Putlocker, turns out I had missed like an hour and ten minutes, whatever...

Stopped watching it...

Then a girl I like knocked to tell me she got the kush, long time no see, quick shout out to me, said I put on weight, (I have), went from whereever she came from...

And I went back to watching The Hobbit.


I have crashed and burned, but at least I saw the Hobbit....

Only LOTR I've seen, stayed awake while watching, paid attention to, and watched.


I gotta get out the house before I feel like Biggie Smalls in this Mutha f*cker, ya heard/get me though.



Probably poetic justice for watching LOTR.

Edited by ilovebender.com
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Arrows to Athens

Excited for T6 coming out next year, I decided to re-watch the series again. Just watched T1 yesterday. Great movie. Now, onto T2 sometime this week.



Edited by Arrows to Athens
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Watched Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom last week (man, I need to start watching more film)




I like J.A. Bayona's style, even if the movie was pretty... mindless?

Entertaining, at least.



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The First Purge


Must-see viewing if you have the proper amount of disgust with the current American political scene. Stilted dialogue and mediocre acting aside, it throws haymakers at the inherent evil of a government that uses pseudo-science and thinly veiled lies to whirl its base into a frenzy. 

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A classic. And a movie that they really should have never bothered remaking, because the Arnold one is amazing enough. Tons of memorable dialogue and one-liners, and pretty good action sequences, too. I also love how the sets and costumes all have an "80s of the future" design to them (which makes sense, given it's set in 2084 and was made right at the end of the 1980s), it's a pretty unique look compared to a lot of movies set in the future. Especially the ones nowadays where everything looks like an Apple Store.

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I wanted to watch the 1925 version of The Lost World for a while,and I found it on Youtube and watched it a few days ago:


I liked it.The dinosaur design might look outdated these days,but back then they were probably scientifically accurate,and the special effects were great for 1920s.


I also watched Walking With Dinosaurs movie yesterday.It was ok,but I prefer the original documentary a lot more.

Edited by GTA-Biker
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a quite place, but Im kinda confused now


so these things killed the whole human race?
ok I got some questions after finishing watching this movie, it was good ye.
1. at what distance do these monsters hear you? like any noise which is too loud catches their attention, does
that mean if such a monster is in shanghai and you are in usa, it can hear you?
2. what about nightmares, do these ppl never have bad dreams where they scream around?
3. can't they just whisper all the time to communicate? I mean most of the sounds they did were louder than whispering or am I wrong?

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After watching two non-Cage films, I'm back on a Cage roll. Bangkok Dangerous is either now available on Netflix, or it's always been available on Netflix and I just missed it. The action sequences were pretty cool, especially with the Max Payne-esque shootout in the warehouse at the end of the movie. But man, the love story sequences between Cage and a deaf pharmacist were dull as sh*t. It really felt like useless filler to pad the movie length out, and it doesn't have any kind of effect on the ending. Those entire parts could have been cut from the film and it wouldn't have made a difference besides making the film shorter, that's how useless they are to the movie.

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Richard Power Colt

Watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation a while ago as they were both on Netflix in my country. All the heist sequences were pretty creative and fun, but I didn't really give a crap about the characters. They occasionally had some funny banter, but the drama didn't do anything for me and their personalities were pretty generic. I did like the chick in Rogue Nation tho, she was kinda badass and had more interesting motivations than the rest. They were fun films, but better action films have been made in the last few years.


I also re-watched Drive recently, still love it. I think I was able to spot some of its thematic elements a bit better this time around. Mainly the stuff to do with the characters' morality and what "drives" a person to be bad. One of the interesting things about the movie is how a lot of the characters in the film are just doing bad things due to the circumstances they've found themselves in. Even the villains, despite being gangsters, don't seem like altogether bad people, they just had their backs against the wall. I also like how the movie at some points kind of switches perspectives and makes the protagonist seem like a scary killer. It kind of grays out who actually is the real villain in the film if there even is any.


I actually watched it in VR with my HTC Vive. Never tried watching a full movie in VR before, but it was a cool thing to try out. While it kind of simulates a theater-sized screen, the low resolution of the HMD and the annoying god-rays hold it back from feeling like a proper theater experience. Also while I do have decent headphones, the audio obviously isn't as good as in a theater.



Edit: I saw Hereditary today. I usually like creepy and weird slow-burn films, but this one didn't really do much for me. It felt too long and like it wasn't really going anywhere throughout most of it. I think some of the horror aspects felt a bit too traditional and cliche as well.


Don't get me wrong it was pretty well-executed in many ways. All the actors did a great job and the atmosphere was really creepy, also it didn't rely on jump-scares. But idk I thought the plot was just kinda boring.

Edited by Richard Power Colt
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On 7/13/2018 at 4:21 AM, MyNameHere said:

Fast and Furious 7, I'm not into movies anymore.

Just watched that last night along with the beginning and middle Baby driver

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just got back from Mission Impossible: Fallout. I've never seen a Mission Impossible movie before this one, but I quite liked this one! Fun action sequences and great actors throughout. Tom Cruise was very obviously hurt during that scene in London where he's jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and it's even more evident as he limps away before going back to running when the scene cuts, but I applaud the guy for doing pretty much all of his own stunts. Especially since most actors who are even younger than him are more than happy to have a stunt double during sequences like that. I'm gonna have some "prequels" to catch up to now.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just watched The Package from netflix. As a male im shocked. Not what I was expecting. I just put something randomly on from netflix and get a comedy movie about dude accidently cuttin his dick off.

Gory horror movies don't feel like nothing after this. Seriously not even joking. I have never before felt so uncomfortable because of a movie. For real, its so messed up and its just a comedy. wtf Every mans nightmare as a comedy? Yeah right "good idea".  Traumatized for ever now. Thanks netflix. 



Good thing he got it back at end thou.😰 


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  • 2 weeks later...

I watched Castle in the Sky (1986) last week:


Image result for Castle in the Sky poster


As a big fan of Studio Ghibli, this did not disappoint!  Adorable, innocent, magical and wonderful as most of Ghibli.

The first hour wasn't as wonderful, though.




On 8/12/2018 at 7:41 AM, GTA-Biker said:

I watched Deadpool 2 yesterday,I like it a lot,just like the first one.

I plan to watch Blade Runner today.


Which Blade Runner?

And how was it?

Edited by JaberDoe
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Richard Power Colt

Seen a few films recently. Watched Serenity the follow-up film to the Firefly TV show.



Really enjoyed the film in the first half, seeing all the characters banter with each other was great as always. I also loved the long continuous shot following Malcolm briefing everyone through the ship in the beginning. It was a nice way of bringing you back to the show's world. The latter parts of the film kind of went into generic action spectacle that was a bit meh. Overall a pretty good film tho.


Also watched Enemy.


It's a film about a guy who watches a movie where he sees an actor who looks exactly like him then he decides to track him down. The weird concept and the fact that it was directed by Denis Villeneuve had me immediately interested and the movie didn't disappoint. It has the kind of unsettling atmosphere that I really like. I also saw Villeneuve's Prisoners some time ago and I'm not sure which movie I like more. Prisoners had more going on in terms of plot and was maybe a more satisfying experience overall, but on the other hand I really appreciate more minimal and ambiguous films like Enemy too. Both films were great, not sure what else to say.


Yesterday I watched Good Time.



This movie was like the opposite of Good Time. And by that I don't mean it's bad, but rather how the story is just non-stop stress and chaos. The characters just keep ending up in more and more f*cked up situations.


Really liked this film too. It felt more grounded than most crime thrillers I think with how unglorified the criminal life was. Robert Pattinson actually delivered a good performance too. He kinda has a stigma for being in the Twilight films, but he's not a bad actor from what I can tell.

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Blade Runner 2049


I have never seen the original but the sequel gave enough backstory so that it wasn't confusing. The story is intriguing and allows for plenty of speculation and analysis, the film looks absolutely stunning, the cinematograpy is beautiful. I would definately recommend this.



Edited by Neon_Dreaming
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