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Last Movie You've Seen


Please post more than just the title. 


We don't need a War and Peace essay on the film, but at least give a couple of sentences of good and bad points and even throw in a rating if you want to, as long as you give some rationale.

Message added by Crokey

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National Lampoon Vacation i haven't seen this movie in years it really is a great comedy I still remember the first time watching it as I was starting puberty Beverly D'Angelo was my first experience with seeing full on boobs and nips not in a Sears Catalog and will admit I had a major crush on Audrey (Dana Bannon) and Bopped my bologna to her a few times and then you had little known but such a great actress Imogene Coca who played Aunt Edna.


Did you know Imogene Coca was deathly afraid of mountains so whenever they had to travel to the next scene she would lay down on the floorboard in the back of the Truckster so she wouldn't know if they were on mountains roads or regular highway. 


In the famous car jumping scene the cast made bets on how far it'd travel and whether the stunt driver Dick Ziker would be killed or not, not only did he live he broke a world record at the time by jumping the car a total of 173 feet


My favorite scene with Aunt Edna was when they stopped for lunch and they find out the dog had peed on all of the sandwiches and she just shrugs Oh Well and takes a bite as Clark rubs the piss soaked bread all over his face.


I recently found out that the final scene was actually a reshoot to fix the movie as the original final scene after Clark buys the gun was they broke into Mr Wally's home and forced him to entertain the family by dancing and signing for them but it bombed so hard with a test audience they recalled everybody to reshoot the final scene which was almost impossible to do as Anthony Michael Hall had shot up in height towering over both Dana and Beverly

Edited by ṼirulenⱦEqừinox

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Richard Power Colt
On 2/9/2020 at 10:58 PM, Mister Pink said:

Uncut Gems 


Adam Sandler's great performance coupled with the Safdie Brother's penchant for creating tension almost to the point of giving the viewer anxiety is thrilling. And we get another soundtrack from the same producer that did Good Time as well. 


It's incredible.. Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never



Was really surprised by the soundtrack. Not the kind of thing you expect in these types of films.


There's actually one track that's inspired by a track from the anime film Akira:



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Mister Pink
13 minutes ago, Richard Power Colt said:

Was really surprised by the soundtrack. Not the kind of thing you expect in these types of films.


There's actually one track that's inspired by a track from the anime film Akira:

Yes, and I saw an interview with the Safdies and they said they like putting things together that on the surface, it shouldn't work. I think that's one of the reasons they went to Sandler. On paper, maybe it's not great. But in practice it's brilliant. 


And nice, didn't know about the Akira influence. Those tracks sound very similar all right. 

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