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Red Dead Redemption General Chat

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13 minutes ago, Tails Prower said:

So bit of a random question and possibly most dumb thought I've had but I played Red Dead Redemption many moons ago before I became an online gamer.


I read over in RDR Online Next DLC thread suggesting multiplayer for the PS3 game still works so am wondering if this is true? I know it will most likely be dead or require to play with friends who have the game but I presume I may still be able to achieve

some of the trophies running around online solo?


Any answers appreciated before I start wasting my time!

Still working and full of players.

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Tails Prower
37 minutes ago, tonko said:

Still working and full of players.


Thanks! I guess I may take a look then, whilst the drought continues for the modern PS4 games getting new content i'm filling in time by catching up on 'to do' trophy stuff on my PS3.

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I was hunting in Tall Trees, it was dark and I was going to call it a night but then a big storm started and I didn't want to miss it. First of all the storms are awesome and feel so real. The rain genuinely feels so heavy and I like how John/Jack will comment when it starts, and how they can go on for a decently long time (in this case all night and most of the next day). And second, bear hunting in the forest at night during a storm with the clouds, rain and thunder making the bears not only hard to see but also almost impossible to hear is the scariest thing you can do in this game lol



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