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Garage won't close pizza boy

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Ok, so I'm on the fourth set of car deliveries for sunshine autos, so when I take the "pizza boy" bike into the garage and get off the bike and leave the garage, for some reason, the garage doesn't close behind me. Like usually it will say "Car delivered. Finish the rest for an extra reward" but now the garage just stays open and doesn't close behind me after I deliver this "pizza boy" car. Is there something else I'm supposed to do before I deliver this car?

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Hm, that's pretty odd, but this topic might help.

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Hm, that's pretty odd, but this topic might help.

Yeah, I actually fixed this problem now, I had to go and get another pizza boy bike to deliver though, for some reason, the first time I delivered it, wouldn't work, so it took the 2nd time around to get the garage to close.

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i have the same problem, my game is modded the Vice City Deluxe mod, and my pizza boy bike is called Yamaha 600r or something like that, but when i put it in the garage it doesn't close sometimes it closes but throws out the car, bike or scooter whatever it is. i already tried the putting it on different directions trick but it doesn't work.

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Sorry for necroing, but if someone out there is suffering from this, I would like to share a site that fixes it C:


The col file for the yamaha is custom so u gotta give it back the original pizza boy col, also just changing back the model and txd wont help. After you fix it, you can still have a custom pizza boy model or skin, but just not with the yamaha collision.


Anyway here is the forum where they talk about how to fix it:



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