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[GTAIV][Doc][Tut]Running 2 installs of GTA-IV

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yes, you can have 2 GTA-IV game directories, 1 for legal online and one for modding.


the only way i have managed to do this is as follows.


1.install a fresh GTA-IV game with "V1.0.1.0" update.

2.make a backup of the entire Rockstar Games folder that includes the GTA-IV and RGSC folders, to wherever you want it.

3.download the latest version of Xliveless by listener from This Topic following the instructions for installing.

4.install Xliveless to your backup GTA-IV folder.

5.make sure any instances of RGSC are closed.

6.run the game by using the "LaunchGTAIV.exe".


this will give you 2 working GTA-IV game directories.


your original install will run through RGSC/GFWL as usual.


your Backup GTA-IV can now be used for modding etc without needing or using RGSC or GFWL.


it gives you a seperate savegame folder keeping your Original GTA-IV game saves just for your online/offline IV game folder, and creating a new savegame folder for your modded game.


once you've started a new game (and closed it again), you can copy over your "Original" savegame files to the new save folder that Xliveless creates.


i have tested this with a working online V1.0.2.0 install folder and my modded 2nd folder is still only V1.0.1.0, but my guess is that this also works for a modded V1.0.2.0 folder too.


PS.this has only been tested with a genuine game install with the game disc in the drive.


good luck trying to follow my little guide wink.gif

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And take up 30GB+ hard drive space in the process. biggrin.gif


Nice though this is what I did but I only have a backup because I was tired of GTA IV giving me problems (I don't play GTA IV MP) and having to reinstall. This way I can just delete the old install and copy the back up into the main GTA IV install folder.

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lol pixelbrain you right))



i prefer more smart way - create bat file that will swap directories with moded and original files (or directly modified files) then launch the game.


it can be 1 bat file with choice option, or it can be 2 bat files.


Tip: the "core" of all are "move" and "rename" command that allow to move and rename files sly.gif )


and this will just cost u extra few mbs (size of moded files) instead of extra 15 gb)



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evidently you can't see past a few minor text file based mods.


this is aimed more at "Future" Total Conversion map based mods that will require a little bit more space than a "few mb's"


also given that vehicle handling or weapon based text file mods no longer work with the V1.0.2.0 exe and most people will want Asi/lua based mods, this is a far simpler method than attempting batch file directory swapping, especially for the modding n00bs.

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Exciting, and I can confirm the steam version all you have to do is copy the directory of the game, done icon14.gif


Then you just launch from the launch exe icon14.gif

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