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CJ skin tweak Version2


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user posted image

user posted image

This is a GTASA enhancement skinpack for CJ.




This skinset will give CJ:

- better facial texture, while still looking like himself and blend well with the others

- more seamlessness around the joints (head -> body, shoulder -> torso),

- different (less hulkish) torso and back muscles.

- more definition on shoulder muscle

- new facial hair (more natural looking moustache, goatee, and beard)

user posted image

This skinpack is NOT in a bigger resolution, so it won't affect gameplay performance.


Changes in Ver 2:


- fixed the black patch on the armpit and shoulder, that showed if your CJ's body become thin.

- new facial skin, stronger jaw, just look at the picture for details




go to: ..your installlation directory..\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models

find: player.img (make backup if necessary)

open with: IMG editor (I use Alci's IMG editor)

import/replace: with files from my "PLAYER" folder

save: choose "rebuild" image









version 2 (no need to download version 1)

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I like it! Its not too much of a drastic change, but its a noticably good difference.

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