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[REL]One Snowy Vice City

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City - Covered In Snow


Its a TC texture mod, whit some modified data to make it complete.


Installation Instructions

You only need to replace the files in the correct folders of your GTA Vice City installation.


I advise that you make a backup of all the original files.


>Mod Contents











-Random Screenshots.


>What has changed


-Roads and roofs are covered in snow.

-Grip change(you'll have a blast on grass).

-Realistic weather.

-Almost frozen water(just parts).

-Modified ped groups.

-All vegetation frozen(do have some strange bugs whit the Alpha's, but i somehow cant fix it).

-Modified cars(not perfect, but its still a bit realistic).


>What will be done in time


Going to try to make it snow.


>The Download


The download and the screenshots can be found here on GTAGarage.




Have any questions, bug's or tips?

Contact me at: [email protected]


Copyright © Big_Lebowski 2009.



>Also try one of my other snow mods: One Snowy San Andreas, also hosted at GTAGarage.





>P.S. And dont forget, HAVE FUN!

Edited by Big_lebowski

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Screens would be nice. dozingoff.gif

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Lawl Miami in snow lawl ultralawl


But it could be antilawl if the peds etc. are modified too.. Got any screens?

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Not bad could be used for some new disaster mod or something in the future

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