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Kill Frenzy #3 (residental district)


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That's for sure. I tried something but with no results:


- stocking near our spot the cop cars from the parkings (they dont disappear, totally 6 cars) is useless. When they explode, new cars dont appear, cuz number of them around the player is limited.


- taking the KF and getting into a tank is useless too. You dont get get points for crashed cars, only that are blown up in chain reaction.


- putting usual cop car on a trailer and exploding it doesnt give you points.


- simply stocking regular cop cars, they disappear while you walk around...


There is also invisibility on a rooftop to the North (left to rednecks yellow phones), may be it may help? I couldnt guess how. What else to try?

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The PC version is completely screwed. It's full of frenzies which are completely impossible, mostly at the Residential District. Rockstar seems to have realised it and they changed the objetives when they developed the Playstation version.

Forget about it. I've assumed I'll never be able to complete all frenzies, at least until someone manages to modify the scripts to those of the Playstation version (which are still difficult but they can be done, according to what I've read).

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  • 9 months later...

There IS a solution for this Kill Frenzy, but it's DAMN hard, and y'll have to have Invulnerability capsule or Invisibility for this.


Accept the Redneck mission "Tanks-giving", and go into the army base as it is ordered. Kill the soldiers, and grab the tank. When you exit, you'll see you have the unique 6 wanted level (maximum for Residental District is 5 normally), which means, the army is after you. All you need to do is to get to the Kill Frenzy's location, grab it, and there. The Land Roamers also count as cop cars, so this is the ONLY possible chance you EVER have of beating it.



Those, who applied the patch for the savegame crash, this method WILL NOT WORK!!!! The game will crash if you try to grab a Kill Frenzy during the mission. Don't feel guilt cheating this Kill Frenzy through, since it's simply impossible. Teleport y'self over the Cop station below the Army Base, and there, 4 Cop cars. The rest is on you...

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I have found an useful glitch, which'll make this Kill Frenzy (and the other impossible Kill Frenzy - destroy 20 cop cars with Tesla gun in 60 seconds) a LOT easier. But don't get me wrong - it WILL involve cheating, because these Kill Frenzies would be really impossible without these.


Alrighty, y'need to enable debug mode, or a trainer, which allows you to teleport. First, collect at least 4-5 police cars near the Kill Frenzy token, and make sure you ZOOM OUT the playfield, this'll ensure that the cars will not disappear so quickly. When you picked up the Kill Frenzy, destroy these cars first. After this, PAUSE THE GAME! You can still move around the playfield over the city while paused, which means, you save at least 10-15 seconds. This way, you can teleport y'self to the two police cars near the bar, and after that, teleport to the cop car station above the SRS Research center. These are 6 cars alltogether,so you need 14 more.


After this, teleport y'self to a secret Wang car, which you have found earlier, and get in. You'll appear at the Wang car building with the bonus cars granted. There are at least 4 police vehicles (Land Roamers) which means, you only have to collect 10 police cars somehow, you can do the rest with the Wang car bonus and the cop cars which are already sitting on the map.


Collect a Fast Reload, or a Double Damage to save even more time.



If you choose the method of taking the "Tanks-giving" job at the Redneck yellow phones, do NOT - and I emphasize this do NOT - collect the police cars near the Kill Frenzy's lair! It will make the Land Roamers disappear, leaving you with only Pacifiers and Tanks.

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Nice topic.


I know this KF.



I even i completed it once, but i don't remember how.

I didn't know anything about cheating or cheats at this time.




Gonna make video about it.


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I have the frenzy fix applied. I just tried that 20 cop cars with RL in 60 seconds kill frenzy (84, 67) and some others during during Tanks-giving mission and it didn't crash. I tried with 6 wanted level and no wanted level. Can you recreate the crash? Do you still have the saved game?


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I think so. It's not compulsory, I was just wonderin', if anyone else had this error, or just me.


My GTA2 version is the non-CD (downloaded from Rockstargames) and 9.6. Perhaps this may be the root of the problem.

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I anyone here needs to make some tests but doesn't have original CD version then i can do it.


I have the original CD.



Just have to install and i can try whatever you want.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I actually came here to look help for that 20 cops in 60 seconds. It seems impossible to me too, I always seem to gets FBI after me too soon. I think I got to five left, but not good enough. How did you solve that one?

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  • 4 weeks later...

Done it... edited special agent car n swat wan to have low health, so one rocket will blow them up, used savegame editor to get double damage and fast reload... got 4 cop cars around me, 3 in barricade, started frenzy, used debug keys to teleport to each of them, then paused, went to both cop stations and destroyed 6 cop cars there... had 45 secs left and destroyed last 7 cars... this should help you do it...


Everything is possible with debug cheats colgate.gif



Edited by Devil lt
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  • 2 weeks later...

Im trying to beat this without any cheating.


Today i just made one video how i could collect maximum of copcars and destroy them.




And also to test how Fraps records in GTA2. Seems that it does job fine. Without any lag.


As i said there, it's not final try.



Im walking around alot because i let Rednecks kill the cops. So i don't get too much wanted level.



Watch the video and you will see how i collected cars and how much i got them.




Sorry for quality, it's for testing.

Edited by B-$hep
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Mmm, I don't think you'll ever reach it, but you can try if you want.

You say you didn't want to get too much cop heads, but you killed those Elvis and those paramedics at 3:20-3.30...

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What I meant is that it isn't logical that you did unnecessary kills if you wanted to get as less police attention as possible. Killing those paramedics gave you one more cop head.

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I always kill the Paramedics. Well nevermind because i have passed this killfrenzy.


Watch the video here:



Wait until video is processed then the quality will be alot better.



If somebody still doesn't believe me or this, then i can make another video, passing the same KF.

I said that i will pass this and i did.



Video has description with some info (how i started, what to do, etc). Read it on right side of the video on Youtube.

Im not gonna copy it here.


I just can say that i walk around alot because i let Rednecks to kill most of the cops.



EDIT: almost forgot. I used electrogun because i noticed years ago that car doesn't disappear if you mess it up (shoot it, damage in any way, etc). But mostly using electrogun helps.

Edited by B-$hep
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I love chocolate more but cookies are very fine also.




One guy in YT comments said:

"Try to complete the 20 cop cars/60 secs with tazer gun"


Where is it?



I want to complete it.



And "20 cops/60 secs with flamethrower."


This one is easy. I have completed it many times.

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Its right here:


user posted image


Go to south-west The Mall and go south.


Coords: 146.5 , 211.5 , 2.0



EDIT: damn its impossible. I made just like B-$hep made with 20 cop cars with rocket launcher, but failed. I took the four cop cars from the police department in SRS area and put it close of the KF pickup. Then I got some wanted level and started parking more cop cars there. I tried to damage them with electrogun to avoid them disappearing. But it didnt work. The cop cars disappeared and I parked some more. After some time there were no cop cars spawning on roads. I just tried and picked up the KF icon and exploded the parked cop cars. The explosion of some of them caused all the others to explode, of course, but only 3 cop cars were counted. THREE from TWELVE! Then I found a roadblock and exploded two cop cars at once and only one counted. Then I was busted and Frenzy was failed. Doesnt matter since I had only 2 seconds remaining...

Edited by Gustavob
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Seems that this game doesn't like you.





Ok ok. As i said you must be very lucky.


But thanks for the second one. Screenshot made that clear. I know where it is.

Been there alot but i guess i never tried that KF. Maybe tried but failed.


Lately i don't have much time to play. Looking for new house with my GF.

Pretty busy.



If i will beat this, then i will post a video.

Edited by B-$hep
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The 20 cop cars/60sec/Electrogun one is AFAIK the hardest in the whole game. The one of 20 cop cars/60sec/Rocket Launcher seems to be the second hardest one. But I can be wrong about the second one. IDK. I never completed all the KFs

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  • 1 month later...

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