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IV Limits

Recommended Posts


Different IV Limits and their breaking:


First off I'll describe the POOL structure:


+0x0: Pointer to the entity pool

+0x4: bool* to indicate which entities are in use

+0x8: Maximum number of entities in the pool

+0xC: Size of entities in the pool

+0x10: Unknown Pointer (initializes at 0xFFFFFFFF)

+0x14: Unknown (initializes at null)

+0x18: Is Pool Active? (initializes at 1)




0x1064808: CPlayer** (With 32 pointers to CPlayer classes)

Limit: 32




0xFC3D94: POOL**

Limit: 21,000

Size: 0x10




0x105F754: POOL**

Limit: 5,500

Size: 0x10


PtrNode Single:


0x105FEF0: POOL**

Limit: 80,000

Size: 0x8


PtrNode Double:


0x105FEF4: POOL**

Limit: 16,0000

Size: 0x10


Cutscene Manger:


0x10B2694: POOL**

Limit: 256

Size: 0x10




0x11E1540: POOL**

Limit: 140

Size: 0x20D0


Interior Inst:


0x11E6DA4: POOL**

Limit: 1000

Size: 0x160




0x11E73E8: POOL**

Limit: 1,300

Size: 0x320




0x126BB78: POOL**

Limit: 60

Size: 0x500




0x127D838: POOL**

Limit: 32,000

Size: 0x70


Dummy Objects:


0x127D890: POOL**

Limit: 14,000

Size: 0x80




0x127D8C0: POOL**

Limit: 500

Size: 0x60




0x142CC8C: POOL**

Limit: 1,200

Size: 0x110




0x142E030: POOL**

Limit: 600

Size: 0x24




0x142F748: POOL**

Limit: 300

Size: 0x1A54




0x142F74C: POOL**

Limit: 1,500

Size: 0x94




0x142F750: POOL**

Limit: 3,000

Size: 0x18




0x142F754: POOL**

Limit: 1,800

Size: 0x10




0x142F75C: POOL**

Limit: 1,500

Size: 0x70




0x142F760: POOL**

Limit: 1,500

Size: 0x10




0x1440D3C: POOL**

Limit: 300

Size: 0x60




0x1444F80: POOL**

Limit: 800

Size: 0x28




0x1450A30: POOL**

Limit: 1,800

Size: 0x14




0x1450A9C: POOL**

Limit: 1,120

Size: 0x50




0x14510D4: POOL**

Limit: 50

Size: 0x20




0x145D51C: POOL**

Limit: 500

Size: 0xD0




0x1490DFC: POOL**

Limit: 1,200

Size: 0x10


Bounds Store:


0x1490E00: POOL**

Limit: 500

Size: 0x40


Physics Store:


0x1490E34: POOL**

Limit: 308

Size: 0x40


I'm working on a limit adjuster with an API, so let me know if there are any other limits you want cracked.

Edited by Sacky

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That is really useful information, thanks.

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Looks interesting, but what limits are you talking about? Video Editor?

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the most importatn are the ones that limit amount of visible sprites on the screen,i can shoot 6 rokets and don't see the smoke trail anymore. and you can have only 8 hydrants max.

have you found out which ones are for these?

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@Intosia: Limits regarding memory banks. For example you can only spawn 140 Scripted Vehicles.

@Dhatz: I haven't found that one, in fact it seems quite hard to find. I usually work out limits by reverse engineering a memory exception crash. Not impossible though, I'll have a look.

@UZI-I: Have you run into any WPL/IPL Limits? I'd love to break them.

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I guess it is a little off topic, since it is not a limitation of GTA, but a limitation of current script hooks. they lack the ability to access the script globals, which are used by the ingame scripts. i guess we have to read them from memory, but i have no clue at which memory offset they start at (if they have a fixed offset at all). since you seem to be pretty good at finding memory addresses (and have fun while doing so), you may want to take this challenge too. smile.gif

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Does the physics one include euphoria powered ragdolls? Apparrently there can only be 10 or so of those which would prevent an "all peds are drunk" mod from being made.


Some limits I don't like are the free cam distance limit in the editor and the filesize limit of saving replays (96,680KB), any in that list that affect those?


But mainly, if you did find those values, I don't know what I could do with them, would I be able to use a memory hacker like CheatEngine to change the values in game? I only use that program to slow games down so I can record a video with a smooth fps so a hint on how to do that or whatver you do would be handy.

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@HazardX: I don't really have a handle on the different kinds of byte opcode's the game uses, and I can't really test my theory at the moment but I'll tell you what I think.


At 0xF74B04 there is a pointer to a pool of these structures:


+0x0 : (DWORD) ScoID

+0x4 : (CSco*) Sco Class


The CSco class is like this:


+0x0 : (void*) VMT

+0x4 : (DWORD) Unknown

+0x8 : (BYTE*) ScoScript


The ScoScript variable points to the raw byte data of the script. Now I know nothing about decompiling the Sco Scripts but if Aru's SparkIV is any indication then maybe when he represents a global like G[9156] it means its in offset 9156? Maybe ask him about this some more if you are unsure.


@sk8er_martz: I need an exact number for the limits. It's hard enough to search for limits if you have the number and no crash, let alone a ballpark. Also are there any error messages associated with these limits?

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Grr I really need to be able to run this f*ckin game lol...


Sacky yeah. I could try with some tester to reach the Item Instance limit... smile.gif

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Hey sacky, you have some limits regarding Objects, buildings, dummy objects and Interior Inst... could you explain if these are different type of map models? I guess objects are object you spawn trough the SCO, dummy could be the WFTs (fences, etc...) and the buildings are normal buildings... The Interior Inst are interior models?


Good work! icon14.gif

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Will you be able to remove the top speed of cars, like you could remove the flying height limit in SA?

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Will you be able to remove the top speed of cars, like you could remove the flying height limit in SA?

Yea no hight for heli or be able to change it like in VC. I think that the hight limmit being unlimmited should be an option but unlimmited in IV would be unrealistic because when you go up realy high there will be the black disk under the map appering. So I think thaat unlimmited would be cool but also the ability to have a hight limmit but change it would be cool. Also one thing would be the memory for the desplay. If the max is changed that may also be able to fix bugs like textures dissapering.

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[Delta ²k5]

What about the limit of lights used on a police car (8) / other vehicles? Would be nice if we could change it biggrin.gif

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