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[REL] PathViewer


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Hi there,


as I already have shown some early approaches of a new paths viewer in this thread it is finally here. Forget about the old one I includet into APE 1.1 - now you have the possibility to move around freely and completely customize your view. You are able to highlight nodes which have set an special flag bit in another color. Using this function I call Flag Highlightning you can try to figure out what certain flags mean. Also the time required for loading the paths has been extremely decreased. Now you can load and render a whole path map in less than 1 second! This all is part of my new C++ paths libary, and the paths viewer is the first form of release of it. I can't promise that there will be some 3D path editor from my side one day, but if so I will use this libary.


Version history:


Version 0.1 - BETA 3


- the first beta candidate which is ready for release

- Basic functions (SA and IV paths parser and libary)

- Rendering functions (+ customizeable node appearance)

- Flag highlightning

- Support for all compiled binary node formats (SA and IV)




- Loading from IMG files

- (rendering the map - moved to later on, because I have no time for this atm)




- DirectX 9.0c (November 2008)


More Information:


Please (!!!) read the readme file includet.




- http://aschratt.com/index.php?p=downloads&id=7



- Aschratt. alien.gif

Edited by Aschratt
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Good job, Aschratt.


Off topic: Watching the pictures make me think that the guys at R* who makes the paths must have an infinite patience!

How much paths and paths and paths...

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Everything in GTA is done in 3DS Max, and I think the road just follow some spline, and then, those spline are exported as path...



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Everything in GTA is done in 3DS Max, and I think the road just follow some spline, and then, those spline are exported as path...





The way paths are created has not changed since Vice City. They even do use the same exporter (exporting paths to IPL). San Andreas introduced the first compiled format, which has been expanded and optimized (In size and performance) with GTA IV. But the exporting allways appeared to be the same, just the compiler changed wink.gif

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