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2 different versions of the dlc

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Well first off sorry about the dodgey title and all biggrin.gif.


Anyways i looked on xbox live today and seen Fabl2 2 dlc. There was two though but based off the same dlc. First one was the entire dlc (the new isalnd and everything) and the second was a smaller version where you couldnt go on the island but got a few free things. Well i was wondering if rockstar could do something like this. EG a smaller free version you get 2 new weapons but if you buy it you could get the entire thing? xD

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I don't know. Really nobody knows at this time.


I guess it just all depends on whether or not the new weapons, vehicles etc. will apply to the Niko game.


If the new stuff is available to Niko I could see them doing something like this. If the Niko game remains untouched and everything new is associated with "The Lost and Damned" then there would really be no way to give people a "limited" upgrade for the Niko game alone.


But yeah, it's $20. Why anyone would only want partial DLC when full DLC is available and reasonably-priced is beyond me.

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the thing about the fable 2 dlc was that a lot of people thought it was overpriced for what you were getting for that 2-3 hours expected play time, so lionhead wont be expecting sales to top something like the lost and damned. Alot of people didnt want to spend 800 MS points on the full dlc because it was a waste of money so they got the partial one for some of the free new items for the game


but i dont see rockstar doing this with gta 4 since it has sold like millions and millions of copy and Microsoft have invested another few million just for this DLC

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