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I dont have the "User Music" folder!


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I have the problem that i can't find the folder in Vista: My documents\Rockstar games\GTA IV\User Music

It is simply not there, so i can't hear my own music. I have tried using the search fuction but i dosent find the folder.

I have also tried to make a folder myself, and named it User Music but that dont work eather. confused.gif

I have Vista home premium, and my computer is new.

(By the way i have a simular problem in call of duty 4 and call of duty world at war. It's missing the "mods" folder.)

Im like missing some game folders here.....?? Why please help.

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Just create it then. The folder structure should look like this:


C:\Users\[user name]\My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\User Music


Add your music and then do a complete scan when you get into the GTA options menu under audio.

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Just create the folder. Then add some shortcuts to folders with MP3s in them. Then scan, if it works, no probs wink.gif

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I have tryed to make the music folder. And i have scanned inside the game it flaches abaut 2 sek. but dont find anything. dontgetit.gifdontgetit.gifdontgetit.gif

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Do the slow scan.

Does it display the files it find, ore do they just come into the radio station inderpendence fm? and how log does it have to scan

P.s i have listend to the station for some time. But only commercials.

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It should begin counting while it scans, mine did 1-100, either for percent or maybe I had 100 tracks, not sure tounge.gif


You can also do a search of your PC for folders named User Music, maybe, just maybe, it is somewhere else. I remember san andreas put some things in different places for different OS/s

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