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IV Modding FAQ


Recommended Posts

Grand Theft Auto IV Modding FAQ

This FAQ is for those who are unclear as to what can be or can't be done yet in GTAIV. If you've got a question then post it here and someone will answer it. Please only post if its a question or an answer to a question. This FAQ is maintained by GammaRaptor (Thread Creator) and Gangsta Killa (Modding Staff) also this FAQ is only for questions and answers off topic posters here will be warned by Gangsta Killa.


Before you even think of modding IV, you MUST have one of the game patched using one of the modding methods!!


IV File Check disabler



Can we edit or replace models like Niko, Roman or Peds yet?

Im afraid not no tools have been made to edit models yet however im sure there will be tools to do that sort of thing some time this year in 09.


Is there any tools out there for opening GTAIV files such as weapons.img?

Your in luck there are two programs out there which opens up weapons.img and other img/rpf files for IV its called SparkIV by aru and OpenIV by GooD-NTS .


Is it possible to add new cars like a Porsche 911 or a Skyline GTR 34 into IV?

Adding cars into IV isnt possible yet (though i wish it was !) just hang around somthing will eventually pop up.


Can we change sounds in game say change the car sound on roman's taxi...?

From what i can see no i haven't seen anyone mod in game sound yet.


I've seen people make awesome clothing for Niko to wear in IV how can i edit files and import files?

Read this tutorial its for SparkIV but should work with OpenIV too (pretty much do the same thing anyways) [TUTORIAL] Importing Textures Into SparkIV And another tutorial by Fabio206 [TUTORIAL] Importing Textures Into OpenIV also you need somthing that opens and edits PNG files eg Photoshop or GIMP.

I have GTAIV i want to know what can be Modded/Skinned in IV so far?

So far you can skin clothes (shoes hats jacket pants), Cars, Weapons and it is possible to modify weapon fire rate i think but those are some of the things that can be done.


Can i use mods in multiplayer on IV PC?

Who would want to use mods in MP it may get you banned from live however people test mods in free mode.


Can we use scripts in IV?

A C++ script hook has been released by aru C++ Script Hook but from what i can see it looks promising or you can script in lua which has been released by Alexander Blade A L I C E And a new .net script hook has been released by HazardX .net script hook


Are we allowed to mod GTAIV?

Of course but i would suggest make another folder with the game in it just for modding purposes also use somthing to stop Live from loading.


Can you export IV models into SA

Yes you can, technically its proper way of doing it. As we've still no clue to the model format. Using DXRipper You can export models from IV.



How can i install mods into IV?

You can install mods using X Mod Installer V.1.0 by Xmen.

Edited by GammaRaptor
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Very useful, been lurking a while now and there are lots of useful tuts around here on how to do things, but none on what can actually BE done smile.gif. Ty.


Actually one suggestion: I dont know if there is a decent list of lua scripts out there, if there is you could link to it, if there isnt you could compile a list as part of this guide smile.gif


Aha and another thing, this is more an open question than a suggestion but meh, ive noticed that in iv there are static car spawns, where a certain car will spawn in a certain place every time, an example would be the turismo that always spawns at the house next to faustins. I was wondering if it was possible to edit this information (ie change the car to say, an infernus) or even add more spawns to it. Basically what im trying to acomplish is getting a static car(bike) spawn outside the safehouses so that you can run out, take the vehicle and not worry about it disappearing, rather it respawns every time. Know if that can be done? biggrin.gif Tyvm.

Edited by Lucial
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Gonna edit, and pin. Nice one Gamma Raptor.


NOTE: Any posts from now on MUST be a question or an answer to a question. Any off topic posts will be binned. This is to keep the topic clear and consise.


meh: my crappy formatting, if anyone else can come up with anything better then feel free to try.

Edited by Gangsta Killa
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Can i use mods in multiplayer on IV PC?

Who would want to use mods in MP it may get you banned from live.

To point out that there is an ever growing community of free mode players who mod, test, and discuss online together, so this statement should be revised.


Any possibility of creating a Wikipedia page under the name of "GTA IV PC Modding" or something?

Would be easier to access ^_^

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If you are looking to Mod GTA 4 Support Oleg with Zmodeler2

All you have to do is register. The more support the more time he can work on making a filter for it.


Thank you for supporting Zmodeler2


PS this will answer a lot of Quistions

Edited by daddy356
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I have never done any mods before, but can you do them for 360? I do not think you can since you need to be able to access the files, but I thought I would ask.

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From what I see, he was being helpful, thus your flame is invalid

Er no, not in my books he wasn't. Hes basically advertising software. And telling people to support it not asking a question or answering one.


Edit: added Q&A on exporting models from IV.

Edit2: added IV modding patches links.

Edited by Gangsta Killa
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Lol, i'm too stupid for this.


I Don't know how to use lua but i want to stand on cars.

I looked in the natives.ini and found these things which will probably be relevant:







Not knowing lua or how GTA really behaves, i'm not sure whether UNLOCK_RAGDOLL will only unlock it from RAGDOLL one time, so my guess is that SET_DONT_ACTIVATE_RAGDOLL_FROM_PLAYER_IMPACT is the thing which needs to be enabled (maybe with a hotkey).


This will probably totally disable ragdoll, so i'd want to do this toggable.


Sorry for alle the Questions blush.gif

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There has been no mods for IV on the 360 otherwise if you did have mods for the 360 version, microsoft would hound you for doing so.

Edited by GammaRaptor
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I'd like to remind you all that this topic is for Questions and Answers only!


Neon25 and GoingGod: 1st warning in this topic. Don't do it again. Want to argue about 360 modding, take it else where not this topic.

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I have to questions.


Im trying to mod the number of rockets the rlauncher can have, so that I dont have to buy new ones each time I load, but every time I change something in the weaponsinfo.xml the rlauncher spawn on that small island disappears.


Any answers there?


And, how do you modfi prices for weapons?

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