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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.
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[IV][SparkIV]Importing Head Textures

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Importing Head Textures by GoreMaster

All Credit Goes to the Creator of SparkIV "aru" Thnx for this powerful tool! Credit Towards me for this wright up! So dont copy or edit without my permission!


First things first you will need this tool by aru SparkIV and since this tutorial is showing how to install my own personal mod here's the page for it GoreMaster Mods


NOTE:If you see this *** those steps only concern with that specific file! So if you dont have that file from any other mod then don't worry about these steps! But for my High Fade mod you will NEED to do these STEPS! Thnx!


1)First Things First Open SparkIV (I Personally Dont Use OpenIV But if you need help there i can try)

user posted image

2)Click the Button "Browse"

3)Scroll it Down to the word CDImages (PcData----Models---CdImages)

user posted image

4)Then open playerped.rpf

user posted image

***5)Then Click Import (remember its best to Export the file your importing so you can save the original!)

user posted image

***6)Find the Folder of my Mod! Then click file hair_diff_000_a_uni.wtd. Ok now the file is imported to SparkIV Next Step

user posted image

7)In SparkIV Scroll down the file named head_diff_000_a_whi.wtd

8)In SparkIV Click the button on the top right named "Edit"

user posted image

9)Then Import my texture! Either one If you like V2 Then do V2 (Remember its best to Export the old texture so you can go back to it!)

user posted image

user posted image

10)Save & Close then Save the Archive(The Big Blue Disk that mean Save Archive). That's it! Need more help PM me!

user posted image


And That's It! If you need anymore help Let me know!



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how can i add my own made head of another npc,

i edited a head of the fat biker for example, how can i get it back in componentpeds.img, same for trousers

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you do it exactly the same as above, but with the different files!

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i do everything it said but in don't change anything in the game

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After you hit the big blue Save you must hit the red button call rebuild to add it to game the red button is next tothe blue one .

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