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Chinatown wars as ep 2/ The death of niko?

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Chinatown wars is an exclusive for the DS but it is based in liberty city. confused.gif I was thinking that maybe a 360 verson was being made along side it as the 2nd DLC. I doubt it... but it could happen. Also could the death of niko be in one of the DLC's? Instend of making niko seen maybe you have to kill him. cry.gif Though I could not see R* doing that it would be like puting a gun to the gamers head suicidal.gif but it could happen. I really want to see the tommy vercetti come back or i would like to kill him too. devil.gif jk

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It would be nice if R* transfered the story of Chinatown Wars, but I doubt it. It's a DS exclusive, intended to boost Nintendo DS sales, so it's unlikely it will appear as a DLC. I wish it would, though.

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I don't know if it's just me, but I often don't really care for GTA's that come out

for systems like the DS or PSP. In my opinion, I think it's not import and is just

there to keep you busy while they make an actual game.



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yea r* leeds tends to take care of the smaller stories like lcs and vcs. Why did they not make a sas?

Edited by lostMC

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kind of off topic: Chinatown Wars isn't out yet is it?

on topic: Nintendo owns the Chinatown Wars story. Microsoft offers "1 billion dollars" and a Poodle (Nintendogs reference) then they would give up.

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Nico Bellic

tommy varcetti will not return ,nor niko will be killed smile.gif

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main characters are rarely killed

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