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[IV][WIP]Niko's Jacket


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I've been messing around with photoshop with some textures from IV, when I thought of making the beta version of the brown leather jacket. It was a pretty quick job but it looks quite nice, not finished though. Oh, and I recommend wearing it with the beta haircut.


user posted image

user posted image


ps: most of the jacket is handmade in photoshop



Download: Beta Jackets Download

user posted imageuser posted image

user posted image


Burn it, Eat it, do with it whatever you want.



Edited by GTAdedan
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Hey, looks good.



But the original is 1024X HD, and yours is 480X. Don't expect some beautiful screens with that  confused.gif

It's a thumbnail tounge.gif click it and it will grow and grow till it's up to 1024 icon14.gif


and yeah the undershirt does have a lot more wrinkles but that's bumpmaps. I might edit the bump map later


o wait you're right it is too small.. damn imageshack resized it. I'll edit it in a minute



Edited by GTAdedan
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Nice dedan, The beta cut is still in the files? If so, it will be great!  colgate.gif

yep it still is


edit: in-game screen added to first post

Edited by GTAdedan
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Wow, this jacket looks very amazing, great work.

Could i use this in my mod, GTADedan?

I will release a huge mod with a lot beta things and this would fit super in it icon14.gif

I think this beta pic, is shopped by Rockstar Games or maybe in the beta was an shader for characters

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The only criticism I can write about this is that the top part of the arms look kind of low quality and stretched.

Edited by okei
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Thanks, I'll see how it looks when I blur it a little. and i'm also not satisfied about the arms. I'll see what i can do.


@Slayermaggot: yeah you can use it.


@Okei: Nice avy tounge.gif

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Yeah it looks great, heres a beta iv screen...


user posted image


Yeah, i know its not the same jacket, but the leathers the same, maybe you could make the vest though its not ingame. colgate.gif

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And this is the beta arms


user posted image


That's the final jacket actually, it's been used since the second trailer. And that screen is from the second trailer. Thanks anyway wink.gif

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Which file is the beta haircut? dontgetit.gif

The jacket looks nice! Far more better than the final one!

It's Hair001, just rename the texture file and the model file to Hair000 and replace it and you're done.

And thanks btw

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He looks on that screen like he was having steroids on breakfast xd



And stop giving him beta screens :| He knows what beta screens are because he was using them during making Nico for SA (ye good ol' times).

Edited by Severb
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ight, man just trying help, and Severb you don't need to tell me that, i've used that mod before, it was awesome, and it's spelled Niko, biggrin.gif not nico,

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