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New Features & Xbox?

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Instead of asking what new cars, weapons, moves etc. Everyone can post there opinion of what they expect, Also here is a question, They said its only on xbox Exclusively, Does that mean it will be on pc too eventually? Also from watching the trailer i noticed they were capable of shooting from a bike with a shotgun which couldn't be done previously, and maybe there is a new minigame like the bowling, darts etc. Arm Wrestling biggrin.gif Leave Your Ideas!

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I would like a pay 'n' spray were you can supp up your cars,bikes...etc colgate.gifbiggrin.gif

A few new cars,bikes,PLANES biggrin.gif

We all know there is gunna be new guns colgate.gif

Edited by StellarFish20

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I'm pretty sure it'll come out on the PC from modders.


Don't count on an official release, though.

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Honestly, the thing I want more than anything is a parachute. Maybe some airplanes, as a parachute in a helicopter is impractical in real life. With the amazing physics for Niko, the parachute would look amazing in IV

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from the trailer i have seen so far there are 5 new bikes 3 new guns and obv a new story and base

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i want to be able to wear just a vest with the patch on it and get some mad tatoo's!!!

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fist fights lost vs. other gangs!!! warriors style!!! with bats and poolsticks

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