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Rate The Song Above You

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7/10. It's a good one.    

9/10 It's cool    

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8/10 Pretty great track, I can totally imagine cruising down the stereotypical desert highway in the US and blasting this. The only complaint I have with this song is that it starts to feel boring in the last part when Bowie sings softly and the instruments are quiet.



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7/10 it's alright later-era prog rock



fun fact: this track made busta rhymes cry when he listened to it

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7/10, not really familiar with Busta Rhymes but that was quite good. I've always known who he was but I never really looked into his work. The production and beats were great and his energy is hard to ignore. It's a bit too clean for me though, and I can't say hip hop is my preferred genre.



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4/10 Not really my cup of tea. It gets a lot better after the opening minute or so but it doesn't really keep my interest nor it is as relaxing as I thought it would have been. The beats aren't too bad though on on a shorter duration.



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5/10. Sounds like a pretty generic Japanese song in a Japanese video game, but sang by an English speaker. Not bad, but not my cup of tea neither. Soundtrack in the MGS series in general, however, is very SOLID.



Edited by RenegadeAngel
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2/10, there's a really distracting "skip" here, like it's a pitched up and cut off guitar strum that keeps playing over and over again. Very distracting. The beat is way too fast and repetitive, and I think it would work a lot better if it was just a touch slower and mastered properly. There's almost no variation to be found, except when maybe the drums drop in and out but this barely lasts for four whole bars. Nothing is really given room to breathe. I'm sorry but this is not good to my ears at all.




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4/10, a pleasant enough new wave revival effort with a gothic twinge but it does little for me that other bands that inspired this can't do.



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6/10, sounds like a slightly funkier, angrier, German version of Talking Heads.



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So I guess I'll rate both of them since the one posted by Rhoda wasn't rated. 


Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave. Exactly the song I would expect from Black Sabbath. Melodic rock with characteristic Ozzy's vocal. I also like the anti-war lyrics. 8/10

Kim Wilde - Cambodia. Not bad, but I prefer other Kim's songs. This feels too slow for me and it would be better sped up a bit (try it in 1.25 and it becomes quite catchy). 6/10






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8/10 - Reminds me of some track that could be in Tony Hawks Pro Skater. Slightly reminds me of elements of Mr. Bungle mixed with some early-mid-90's RHCP. 


Just discovered this today. Hope someone else can get something from it. 



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First time hearing that. God, she's beautiful (had to do a quick Google-search ;) ). Music is great. Very Princey! Not sure about the sax but it could probably grow on me. 9/10


Keeping on that vibe.. 



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9/10 - Love the '80s, love the Yes and Owner of a Lonely Heart as it is one of their best songs. Absolute classic. 


Something quite new, but inspired by '80s and also in the topic of love.


Edited by Tycek
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9/10 - Sounds almost like a fine pop song released in the middle of that period. It's very nice and a homage to the highly regarded 1980's.



Edited by s-u-r-y-a
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10/10 Sounds like it's trying to emulate the 50s and it's pretty good, very catchy. Both the vocals and the guitars. Energizing yet relaxing.

To commemorate Daft Punk I gotta throw this in.

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6/10 - Not the best their song in my opinion. It sounds more like Pharell's song than Daft Punk, with basically only vocoder pointing in their direction. It was also overrated and overplayed by the radio stations everywhere in my opinion. 


Since we're at Daft Punk:


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