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Rate The Song Above You

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7/10. It's a good one.    


>Vice City >Wave 103   10/10    

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2/10, I never really listened to Muse, least of all when they were hot. I must have missed the first couple of releases because I don't recognise anything but the singles. Some songs are catchy, sure, but this just sounds like a Radiohead clone. I finally understand the comparison between them now, because it never really registered. This could easily be on OK Computer which isn't a bad thing necessarily, but it is for me because I don't particularly like Radiohead. To sound like you've sent Radiohead via fax machine isn't good for me. Sorry Muse.



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9/10 that’s pretty awesome I may hit discogs and grab the LP it’s off!

Love the production values it’s almost got a Steve Albini level of focus on the drums and guitar.


this is incredible...if you’re gonna skip then listen to the middle to end 


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9/10 ive only heard the satsuma nightmare remix from some 90s dub techno compilation but seems like the original is really good. i think there was an ofra haza song in radio del mundo in lcs.



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7/10, never heard of Brenda or her aforementioned Big Dudes but I'm quite fond of this. The MIDI flutes at the start and the peppering of bongos were a lovely touch, and the backing vocals from the group really add something. It's standard 80s new wave with a touch of funk. I'd be interested to know how this fared in their native South Africa, because I know it took the USA and the UK by storm.



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8 hours ago, Cameron Star said:

6/10 I liked it a little. Couldn't understand a word.




8/10, I always loved Grimes and her personal way to make her music. It's something very unique and she's just evolving with grace in this electronic-futuristic and fairy style.



I thought it would be a good idea to share some 80s music from my country haha

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9/10...what’s the best album to grab off discogs?

It has a time encapsulating snapshot and flavour...didn’t Vic n bob do a pisstake of them lol?





my favourite Venetian Snares track of all time if I had to pick.

And please don’t skim through it it has a long intro...if you’re going to rate it listen to the whole thing.




Edited by Halal Cyborg
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I think with Sparks, best two albums to start with are Kimono My House and No. 1 In Heaven. They're about five or so years apart so there's growth in between and enough of a change in style where you can work out which way you want to go. That being said, Sparks are still going, having released an album just this year, so five years is nothing.


8/10, I remember this being the introduction track to one of my favourite Venetian Snares shows way back in 2005. He had bareknuckle fighting playing on a loop behind him. I remember first hearing this and finally understanding the link between classical music and electronic music. I knew metal had strong ties and influence, but until I heard this album I just couldn't picture a marriage of frantic drum gymnastics, swelling strings and urgent horns. He explored this a fair few times since with varying degrees of success. It's a great track but not my favourite from the album.



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3/10, never really got into MIA. I find the chorus repetitive and incessantly annoying to be honest. I can't help but feel like some wires have been crossed between the supposed message and the video.



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7/10, the start is a little weird, felt like I was the only person alive in the world for a moment, and then he starts singing and the feeling stopped. Weird and cool.




Edited by Juliano Cesar
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