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Rate The Song Above You

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7/10. It's a good one.    

5/10   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJIqnXTqg8I

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6/10 - Not the best their song in my opinion. It sounds more like Pharell's song than Daft Punk, with basically only vocoder pointing in their direction. It was also overrated and overplayed by the radio stations everywhere in my opinion. 


Since we're at Daft Punk:


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9/10 It's a pretty chill Daft Punk song, maybe a bit too chill. But it's good to listen to in the background while getting some tasks done or just browsing the internet mindlessly. I am no music expert but the end sounds like something a lot of lofi hiphop songs emulated.



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8.5/10. That's pretty cool, literally sounds like it came from the early 80s and having looked them up, that was intention. I like that.



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8/10 It's alright but there is something that doesn't make it quite perfect. Maybe that it's a tad too long and gets repetitive by the end.


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7/10. Can't go wrong with Vice City's music. This one has been gradually losing its appeal over the years, but every once in a while my subconscious goes wild and reminds me of the song's existence on occasions most unexpected. The catchy hook is to blame!




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7/10 Something's off, not a big fan off Freddie's voice to be honest. It ain't too bad though, maybe it could be a little bit slower. But that's just my opinion.



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8/10. This feels like an old school hardcore hip-hop track. Wish we got more of this.



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9/10 Classic Genesis. It's pretty good but to be honest there is not much to be said. Recognizable Phil Collins voice, great keyboards and all those things.



Edited by GhettoJesus
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9/10. It's a classic! Not only is the beat timeless, but the guy goes beyond the lyrical conventions of the genre and raps about how flawed and lame he is instead of pretending to be cool lol.


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7/10, Chapterhouse are amongst the sea of underappreciated gems in the shoegaze scene. They're not forgotten by any means, but they're seldom mentioned in discussions around the genre. The only thing keeping me from rating this any higher is the production, which is a little light. Saying that, they were insultingly young when they made this and I can't hold that against them, especially when this album generally is a great listen front to back.



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Mr. Galloway

7.5/10  Sounds like artsy post-punk.



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8/10, I'll be honest, this is not the Air I was thinking of. I thought this was going to be a weird, unreleased (and particularly old) track from the French electronic music duo but boy, was I wrong. I'm greeted instead by this psychedelic warmth that just commanded my attention from the beginning. That drumming... those squeals on the guitar, everything brought back together just in time for the singer to chime in. After a bit of digging, I realised there's not a great deal of information about this or who was even behind it, which makes this all the more appealing. Thank you for sharing this.



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Lucas wester

Too weird for my taste cant describe what i dont like it feels repetitive and like they thought "lets make the dumbest song we can" 3/10



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It's alright. The pop reggae backdrop and depressing lyrics are very late 90s. Fits into a buzz bin forgotten singles compilation. 6 



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5/10 Sounds like forgettable AOR I'd hear on the 80s station back home.




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