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Rate The Song Above You

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7/10. It's a good one.    

7/10 @Arrow Just reminding you, that you forgot to also post the rating of the previous song.    

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UK garage and grime are among the most interesting electronic music genres for sure but I have yet to explore the former. This song is a good sample of that though. 9/10




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Masta Ace is great. 9/10



Edited by Mister Pink
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7/10, nice cut from the darlings of post rock, to the point that the album is considered a staple for anybody fond of the genre. I don't know if I'd go that far but there's always been a level of intrigue. These lads seemed to come from nowhere and somehow wrote some genuinely captivating music. I'm docking a couple of points because they were teenagers when they made this and I'm a little bitter about it. That's not your fault but that's how we live our lives.



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7/10, a fine song, lots of joy and some interesting playing. First heard it on one of the Late Night Tales albums, can't remember which one. Just as a side note, those compilations are great for discovering little known songs and artists, I've long been guilty of picking apart other people's LNT albums and making my own playlist.



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4/10, instantly recognisable hook and melody, and guarantees at least a partial lodge as an earworm. Unfortunately, years and years of hearing this have dampened my enjoyment somewhat. However, credit has to go to Neil Cicierega's Annoyed Grunt for re-using the tune in a novel way that means you'll never quit hear it the same way again...



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8/10 'nother day, 'nother epic guitar piece from a man who wears a kfc bucket as part of his stage persona


latest track i put in my next-gen VCFL playlist on the create a station thread (in a playlist already filled with Ayers-produced stuff)


Edited by DownInTheHole
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