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Rate The Song Above You

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7/10. It's a good one.    

7/10 @Arrow Just reminding you, that you forgot to also post the rating of the previous song.    

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6/10: Beautiful lyrics, but far too long. I prefer The Revolution Will Not Be Televised off the same album tbh.



Edited by Vega LVI
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8/10 nice lil 60s tune for the convertible i guess


The version in gta cuts the outro which imo is kinda sad because it is probably the best bit



Edited by DownInTheHole
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10/10 - Beautiful song. She had an outstanding voice. I have two of her Albums on vinyl. This one and the one that followed in 1975. I'm sure that she could have had a brilliant career but she unfortunately died of breast cancer 40 years ago at the age of 31.



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10/10 - Damn! This is amazing. I felt instantly teleported into a new dimension. I can feel the soul and harmony in this track. My mind went wide open (Free Your Mind). I will definitely check them out!




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6/10: Probably would’ve enjoyed it more if it wasn’t for her harsh German accent, I hate to say.



Edited by Vega LVI
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Yeah, it sounds like a 60s record alright. Not a huge fan of the sound of the 60s due to the somewhat dated recording quality but it is not a bad song nonetheless. 8.5/10




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8/10 i remember seeing this music video on mtv as a kid and it scarred me for life, no amount of therapy could heal me from that experience



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8/10 - Amazing song, the retro-esque feeling came strong on this one. Just the lyrics that I found quite irrevelant, prob. just me, tho.




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