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Rate The Song Above You

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7/10. It's a good one.    



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  • 2 weeks later...
Jerking For Soup

8/10 not too much a fan of christmas songs but it's the season so


speaking of Toto - Africa, 



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3/10. Awesome tune, great beat but so derivative of almost all of the post grunge late 90's bands, right down to the chimy guitar effects.


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My favorite mix of classic rock and poppy tunes.

A touch of The Beatles, some Hendrix and just a bit of that 60s-70s groovy-ness.

I'm gonna check out more of their stuff.


And holy crap, that last minute was nice!



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Jerking For Soup

7/10, I like the kinda ethereal aspects to it, but it just sounds too generic and too soundcloud for me tbh.  Almost like they're trying too hard to emulate XXXTentacion.



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Usually not a fan of this type of music, that's because I feel like most bands go too far in being "hardcore".

These guys weren't too bad.


The guitar tune at the 1:30 mark was sweet, and I liked how it transitioned into the final part.



Edited by JaberDoe
Link was acting up. Again!
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6.5/10. Very generic but harmless enough. I wouldn't turn off the radio if it came on.


Just found out who did the music for the Virgin Atlantic advert......


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I normally do enjoy this type of rock, but this one was kinda repetitive and sorta felt like a copy of other songs.

I still enjoyed it, but I would add other songs to my playlist.





Edited by JaberDoe
Freakin' link doesn't work unless I edit for some reason.
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7/10.  Annnnnnd, I'm reminded that he's no longer with us and I'll be bummed for the next ten minutes.



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