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Rate The Song Above You

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7/10. It's a good one.    



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Jerking For Soup

7/10. While I agree that Em made a great diss track on MGK, and it is superior to a lot of songs on his past few projects, I feel that:


- It sucks in comparison to his older works tracks, namably the Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers LPs.

- It hasn't worked out in Em's favor. It has only given MGK more of a spotlight and had Em compared to a rapper who really doesn't even have a fraction of the talent Em has.


In other words, it's a great diss but it is hardly necessary. It's like a dinosaur fighting a retard with a spoon.


Talking diss tracks, I feel HOVA's Takeover is probably one of the best of all time.



Edited by Jerking For Soup
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too slow paced for my taste in the beginning, but then it gets faster and with more energy, more variation, it blends into the character typically associated with dave grohl or foo fighters. many people enjoy their songs and this piece of music clearly has something vibrant to offer, but in my eyes its nothing outstanding. 6/10


i can recommend the music channel that posted the following song ("Are Sounds Electrik?"). The person combines 80s music with semi-random video footage, which is most times very harmonious and atmospheric.


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Mister Pink

Sounds pretty good, thought it sounds like Plaid at first. In fact, the beat and bass remind me of this Plaid track in particular. I'll give it 7/10.



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I always liked LORDE, even if she can be a bit too...emo (?) at times, she's got that special kinda of style that I really like.

This song does go a bit too into the "emo" vibe for me, but I enjoy the vocals and the lyrics are something to think about, in my opinion.


I now see where you got that profile picture from! :happy:



This song is one of the many songs I got hooked on thanks to MAFIA III.

Y'all should check that game out if you like this style of 60s music.


Edited by JaberDoe
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