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Rate The Song Above You

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7/10. It's a good one.    



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6/10 - They put some DnB's stuff in there, yeah. But, somehow I don't really feel the thrill from this, unlike most of their tracks. Well, probably that's just me I suppose.



Edited by A8ul99
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Mister Pink

9/10 - Well, it's a classic Doors pop song. I actually sang this to a girl on holidays in France when I was a teenager and it made her laugh and I got her number and we dated and had a holiday romance, so I can't really fault it. I would give it 10/10 but only because of it's similarity to All Day And All of The Night. I'm not saying they copied it or anything but someone should have clocked that at the time and put a stop to it. 😛


This is going to bang of hipsterdom but I really love Django Django and I was listening to this just now and it's so happy and upbeat. The video is amazing too. 




Edited by Mister Pink
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The guitar work? Ooof!

The vocals? My kinda vocals.

The outfits?  Holy cow, wow.

The lyrics?  Hmm.


Basically, a good song that I'll definitely listen to on my commute, even if I feel like it's too short.




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7/10, a great cut from one of Stevie Wonder's strongest albums in my opinion. That "you can feel it all over, you can feel it all over" hook will burrow into your brain and annoy you for days if you don't give in.



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Sounds very familiar to another song I love, but I can't remember to the name of it.

That type of music is my own personal "feel-good" music!  Something I would sing/dance to while cooking!



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Jerking For Soup



While it's not something I would listen to it certainly sounds quite calm and relaxing while also being quite catchy to dance along to I suppose.



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Even though I absolutely hate the style of that music video (what's wrong with her hair?!), it's one of my favorite songs that's in GTA!

Soft but still kinda rocky. 





Edited by JaberDoe
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