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Rate The Song Above You


Recommended Posts

"Ready to Go"


Reminds me of Cedar Point and Top Thrill Dragster


^All Night Long gets a solid 9/10 for me. Classic song, great to get a lil f*cked up and dance around to. Only reason it doesn't get a 10/10 is because that grade, in my book, is reserved for the perfect smoking songs and this is just a little too upbeat/poppy/un-mellow.


Rediscovered this one playing the Xbox One port of GTA 4. It's becoming one of my favorites again.



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Too hipster-ish for my taste and this is coming from a Tame Impala fan! It seemed like there was too much moaning and there wasn't really any singing, it was just talking through a distorter. Also it for a song thats less than three minutes they sure did repeat a lot of the same lyrics and in my book over-repetition of a hook or chorus can really kill a song.


Don't feel like I'm sh*tting on it though, everyones got their own tastes, I just like to write descriptive reasons to show the thought process behind my ratings.



Nobody f*cks with the Jesus


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[10/10] of course. Such a unique voice, and a great trumpet player too. One of those great legends. It just doesn't get any better than this.



Edited by Queen
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I'm gonna try something new, writing while I'm listening. I like the driving hard rock beat but I'm not a fan of the constant repetition of the word California. Also the guys voice is a little whiny and annoying to me. Again, a song with a ton of talking, its one thing in rap music but in rock it just sounds weird because then there is some singing. I don't know man.


Overall Verdict: Cool driving rock beat but its overwhelmed by sh*tty vocals.





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Okay not my favorite theme 7/10


Saw this guy live about a week ago it was amazing! Check it out


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10/10 absolute classic. Pretty catchy too!


OST so goood. Only thing i'v listened to practically these last few days.

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Nice stuff. [9.5/10]



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