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[SA | PS2] Texture Editor

Recommended Posts


PS2 TXD Modding




It is exclusive programm for PS2 textures editing! I found it a year ago on very old site, it is bad that I lost the author nickname. Anyway, large respect for him! There was no tutorial how to use it, here is mine (I wrote large tut for Russian GTA-Modding Wiki about PS2 SA modding).




1) Open the PS2 TXD Viewer from Steve M. , File - Open TXD, select the file you need (for example LOADSCS.TXD).

user posted image


Save data:

Palette Offcet: 1053080.

Image Offcet: 790856.

Also mark that picture 512 * 512 and 8bit.


2) Open the PS2 TXD Mod.

Loading the texture of a button "Open ...".

Click the button "Go to ..." or Ctrl + G.

user posted image


Enter the height and width, offset images, mark the 8bpp, then OK.


3) You will see the selected image, but the palette has to be not such a need.

user posted image


Therefore, you need to press the button "Get palette", or F8, and enter 1053080 - it is our Palette offset. Click OK.

user posted image


Button Open BMP image loads of BMP and replace it in the texture.

Button Save BMP - stores.

That's what I got:


user posted image

Re-build game iso with your new TXD through spesial programm (like Apache3. Write to DVD (if you have got console with a modchip) or run on emulator. (I advice to use emulator - maybe disc burning and running on modded console can be consided as illegal).



user posted image


Comments and additions are welcome smile.gif

Texture changing tutorial by me - Dageron.

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If I'm correct, you can do that in a simple way using TXD Workshop by Delfi. confused.gif

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No, It is imposible to open PS2 textures in TXD Worksop. It works only with PC(III,VC,SA) and XBOX(VC) textures

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I want to install custom skin mods for the PS2 version of GTA SA, is it possible to convert PC models to PS2 compatible models with this program?

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it is posible just google search "how to mod gta sa for ps2" then u should see the gta place at the bottom of the url goto see more results from this website then search or goto this url http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=396182

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thank you so much, I needed it.

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thank you so much, I needed it.

Nothing against the tool, but today there is a better solution called magicTXD.

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