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The Ultimate Game Start, Download it here!


Recommended Posts

This topic is based on another topic that I created for GTA San Andreas:

Ultimate Starter Game for GTA San Andreas with Video Guide for doing 4-Star missions



This is the PC version of GTA IV.

The official Rockstar patch was installed, otherwise no mods or other upgrades.


This is a completely legitimate game.


download the saved-game here


This version is currently 11.95% complete up the mission “The Cousins Bellic”


The mission The Cousins Bellic must be completed before saving for the first time, therefore it’s the only story mission that’s been completed, no others.


Also, Niko has never Died or been Busted.


Anything that can be done prior to ALL of the story missions (after The Cousins Bellic) has been completed, and I mean everything (excluding PC Achievements).

This was done just to see how many things could be completed immediately after the game began, and before the mission “It’s Your Call”


This saved-game starts on:

Monday at 06:00

which is the same day and time immediately after Niko completes the mission The Cousins Bellic.. sometimes it’s a Thursday; Rockstar couldn’t seem to make up their mind, so I chose Monday.


The game is saved at the first Safe House.


I tried to keep Saves visits to a minimum; there are 30 total.


Niko has the following:

1) $1,828 (The money was gained from the criminals in the Most Wanted missions and by killing several pedestrians.)

2) Full Body Armor

3) RPG, and all of the best weapons.

The ammo totals are maxed out.

4) All available clothing has been purchased or acquired (The clothing from locked areas cannot be purchased yet)

5) The special outfit from the Island of Happiness has been collected; the one that reads “Happiness is… Land”


The following side-missions / mini-games have been completed:

1) All 30 of the Most Wanted missions completed

2) Beat the high-score on CUB3D

3) Beat the computer at a game of Pool

4) Beat the computer at a game of Darts

(It’s not possible to play the computer at a game of bowling, otherwise I would have done that too)


In addition to all of that:

1) 200 Flying Rats – Pigeons Exterminated. (The Annihilator helicopter now spawns in Triangle in Algonquin)

2) 50 Stunt Jumps found

3) 50 Stunt Jumps completed


There are no failed missions.


All Safe Houses have fast and/or rare vehicles stored in front of them:

Broker Safe House: Maverick helicopter and an FIB Buffalo

Bohan Safe House: Annihilator helicopter and Sultan RS

Algonquin Safe House (East): Maverick helicopter and a Banshee

Algonquin Safe House (Northwest): Maverick Helicopter and a Turismo

Alderney Safe House: Maverick helicopter and a Turismo


All available Map Icons are shown on the map. This may not seem like much, but I did have to enter each of these locations in order for the icon to appear (except for the carwashes). (Even though the icons are visible, that doesn’t mean that all of those places are open for business yet)


Niko has the following weapons: and ammo totals.

1. Fist

2. Knife

3. Combat Pistol – 1491-9

4. Combat Shotgun - 70-10

5. SMG – 1170-30

6. Carbine Rifle - 570-30

7. Combat Sniper 40-10

8. RPG 8

9. Grenade – 25


Here are other various Stats:

PC Achievements completed:

Off the Boat


Wheelie Rider

Dare Devil

Walk Free

One Man Army

Endangered Species

One Hundred And Eighty

Gobble Gobble

King of CUB3D

Under The Radar


There are still four more PC Achievements that can be completed BEFORE passing any more story missions (excluding multiplayer PC Achievements):

Finish Him

Rolled Over

Chain Reaction

Half Million



Game Progress: 11.95%

Missions Passed: 1

Missions Failed: 0

Mission Attempted: 1

Replays used: 0

Times Busted: 0

Times Died: 0

Saves Made: 30

Addiction Level: Serious Habit

Times cheated: 0



Cars Stolen: 383

Bikes Stolen: 30

Boats Stolen: 32

Helicopters Stolen: 62

Time wanted on 6 stars: 14:48:02

Stars Attained: 1037

Stars evaded: 967

Longest cop chase time: 00:29:49



50 Stunt Jumps found

50 Stunt Jumps completed



Islands unlocked: 1

Most Wanted completed: 30

Pigeons Exterminated: 200


Percentage Totals:

The Cousins Bellic 0.70%

Beat the High Score on CUB3D 1.25%

Beat the Computer at Darts 1.25%

Beat the Computer at Pool 1.25%

Killed all Flying Rats 2.50%

Completed all 50 Stunt Jumps 2.50%

Killed all 30 Most Wanted criminals 2.50%




How to load the saved game on your PC:

sjaak327 stated that the XLive Wrapper for GTA IV will allow you to load different saved-games from other players.

I don’t know if it works or not, but it’s the only way that I’ve found that allows you to play my saved-game.


Here’s the download link… it was created by Rick.


There’s also -zeroz-’s GUIDE: Loading savegame, when XLive account gone topic.



The BradyGames Signature Series Guide for the descriptions and locations of several things.


The ign.com “Big” map.


WikiGTA’s Weapon locations (GTA IV) Map.


Iggy248’s 100% Completion Checklist for the percentage totals.


download the saved-game here

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Wooo mercie_blink.gif

Awesome job m8 icon14.gif , i'll use it after i finished my game, currently at 80%

Thanks... I'll be updating this to include variations as well, but I do believe that I got everything in this save that can be completed right after The Cousins Bellic.

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Nice one, stupid question, how did you access the other islands, as they should only be accesible by completing missions (Three leaf clover for all islands unlocked, snow storm to unlock Algonquin). ?

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Nice one, stupid question, how did you access the other islands, as they should only be accesible by completing missions (Three leaf clover for all islands unlocked, snow storm to unlock Algonquin). ?

True, the islands are locked, but it’s very easy to get past most of the roadblocks… for example, the pedestrian walkways on a couple of the bridges are completely un-manned; you can drive vehicles on both of the bridges between Algonquin and Broker and remain mostly unseen, as long as you use the pedestrian section.


I’ve also developed strategies for dealing with a 6-Star Wanted level… one of the best ways is to acquire a Securicar or an Enforcer, they last a lot longer than other vehicles when being shot at.


There are other things too… I’m in the process of making a guide on how to survive with a 6-Star Wanted and do missions and collectables while there; it'll be a separate topic.

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Congrats to you for doing this, but really, I bought this game to be able to do all those things for myself and Im sure many others did as well.


Once Ive completed the game, currently at 68% Ill certainly use it to start another with all those things ready.

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Where do I find my saved game files?

For XP


C:\Documents and Settings\...\Local Settings\Application Data\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames


The files are named:



Just replace the xx with the slot you want your game to go into:

xx=00 thru 11

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  • 9 months later...

I'm looking forward to your guide, - I might be able to contribute a bit wink.gif


I've recently restarted my effort, - this time I'm starting with the pigeons (72 restricted pigeons exterminated so far, 2h18 6* time)



Saves Made: 30

Saving your wanted level away rolleyes.gif I'm trying to keep that stat on zero

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  • 3 years later...

Hi zmoonchild.

The link to the starter savefile is error.

Do I have to sign up with RapidShare to download your starter save file?

Thanks for your help.


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  • 6 years later...
  • 8 months later...

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