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What's needed besides new missions?

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New random characters.


Part of the fun in GTA4 was just running into people on the street. I remember the first time I played the game when I ran into Brian Meech - I was like "Whoah, cool, I just met some crackhead on the street and he gave me a hundred bucks. I love this city." Then Marnie with her smack addiction that Niko helped her get over with some kind words of advice. Then a couple pathetic lost causes like Mel and Jeff. Then Pathos, the rapper who sucked almost as bad as OG Loc. The people Niko decided not to pull the trigger on like Cherise and Ivan who needed a favor. And of course, Eddie Low. Even moreso than a lot of the important characters, the average citizens of Liberty City were what made the place so great, and Niko's interactions with them gave some dimension to his character.


Now someone like Johnny - he'd probably get the crackhead to start buying meth instead, screw Marnie and leave her by the side of the road like everyone else, kick Mel in the balls, help Jeff kill his second wife, tell Pathos he can't rap for sh*t and kick over his stand, have sex with Cherise and tell Dwayne to go f*ck himself if he has a problem with it, tell Ivan he could keep talking or start running, and help Eddie get rid of more than a few bags of chopped up dudes until he gets freaked out by Eddie trying to dry hump him so he elbows him off the back of the moving bike.


Now that's all well and good, but need some new original characters for Johnny to f*ck with.

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I'm pretty sure there will be new random characters to meet in the DLC.

I think R* talked about it early on as something they might do more of in the DLC's.



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This is some of the things I would like to see

~New mini games (e.g.Arcade machines)

~New Interiors

~New restaurants/shops(e.g.Binco)

~Partly extended city(e.g either a new island/extension or new buildings)

~New friends/girlfriends with special abilities when you reach 90%(e.g. motorbike maintenace)

~Involve parts of the city we haven't seen much of in previous missions(e.g subway, empires state building)

~New cheats(e.g.God Mode)



~Make all veicles available on free mode

~Allow mini games

~Allow the use of vending machines/hot dog stands for health

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Whats "God Mode"

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I would like to see some of those construction zones finished in Algonquin because if they were fixed it would open up an extremely long straight of road from the top of Algonquin to the bottom. The only problem is that the two storys most likley run at the same time as each other so they couldn't really fix them.

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Whats "God Mode"

Its like invincibility, unlimited ammo, etc

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wow.gif God Mode has my vote. biggrin.gif

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