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[IV | ALICE] Give Money

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This mod will give you money so you don't need to kill civils biggrin.gif


.:How it's work:.

You just need to press F3 for ~5 sec and you'll have +$5000 in your pocket!


.:How to install:.

Copy those files to "Alice" folder in you GTA IV Root.


.:Other Information:.

Share this mod to any website. You can do whatever you want with it, but I can help you for any



Need to contact me?

Email: [email protected]

Name on GTAForum.com: DarkZ (Or PGod.IV)

If your AntiVirus detect virus, tell me.



Here's a link > Download Link (MegaUpload)

(If you can't download from this site, I'll upload somewhere else smile.gif )


© PGod Prod. 2008

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Nice, but we like to kill civilians.


It's not about the money. It's about sending a message. Everything burns!

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Please release the mods in the correct catergory in the mod showroom not the IV/RAGE forum.


IE since this is scripting it wants to go under Mission Mods with the [iV | ALICE] tags.


Ill edit / move for you.

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Ahah! I know, it's funny to kill civilians, but sometimes you don'T want to have police on your back. Thanks smile.gif


@Gangsta Killa

Sorry, but I've seen some other mods that are in the IV/RAGE forum, so I was confused, and place it there. Thanks to move this cool.gif

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Pls upload rapidshare. smile.gif

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