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user posted image


This is a program to simplify the ability of modding item definition files in GTAIV. Item definition files usually define objects and models that are specified for a specific map area but in this case you can edit pedestrians, vehicles, some default data, and also those different map areas. The current version supports editing default.ide, peds.ide, vehicles.ide, and the various map *.ide files.


You might notice from the picture that there is quite a bit of "unknown" data properties. Since R* tends to copy and paste their data files from the previous games and comment out or remove what's not being used anymore, the comments in some of the *.ide files (the ones that have comments) aren't of much use anymore. Over time I will attempt to figure out what the unknown data properties are but I may not be able to figure all of it out (that's where you come in biggrin.gif ). If anyone can figure out (or already knows) what any of the unknown data properties are (or even if you notice one of the "known" data properties is incorrect), please let me know so I can update the program. Many of the fields are just educated guesses based on what useful comments the files contain and the previous games' definition formats.


NEW in v0.2: Added support for the various map *.ide files. Now when you load the default.ide file, it will automatically scan for and load the map *.ide files. When loading, the program will automatically backup all map *.ide files to "<gta4root>\idemapbak" and set their ReadOnly status to False to allow for instant editing. This is because the map *.ide files are NOT listed in files.txt, so you can edit these without worry of invalid file check. If the "idemapbak" folder already exists, the backup will be skipped so the original files will NOT be replaced when you rerun the program. Again, there are plenty of unknown data properties because there are no comments in the map *.ide files. Please be patient until somebody figures out what each property modifies.



You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 installed in order for this program to run at all.







Edited by CoMPMStR

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Awesome this makes modding a litle step closer, next thing combining these tools into a full toolset for editing all sorts of things.

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Awesome work.. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us keep up the good work..


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good work CoMPMStR, did you get my pm btw?

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this is great work, is there any chance you could get this tool to support the map ide's ?


keep up the good work , i see you've already made quite a few useful IV tools in your short time on the forums, welcome to gtaforums cookie.gif

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Awesome work. I hope sooner or later we can control spawns on vehicles. I'd love to put specific vehicles in specific areas of the map for my disposal!!!!


Thx Comp!!!! Your tools are > then all!

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Updated the program. Added support for the map ide files.

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CoMPMStR your sick bro. GREAT JOB!!!!


Your biggest fan, Blaze


Keep your programs coming man.




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I updated it again. Increased the loading speed a bit, doesn't take as long to load all the files now.

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