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Xbox 360 and ICS


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So basically I had this working completely but then we had a storm and flickered the electricity. Now it stopped working. mad.gif



Basically I enabled ICS; changing the router's IP to, since ICP needs Problem now is that my Xbox can't connect to the network after the storm.


PC Settings:






Xbox 360/NIC Settings:







I'm sure there's something I had to do on my xbox configuration but there's nothing else I did before that made it work. Anyone have a slight idea? Thanks smile.gif



EDIT - Followed this http://netindonesia.net/blogs/zeddy/archiv...haring-ics.aspx but there's no set up on the NIC(RealTEK) IP/Gateway settings. Therefore there's no connectivity nor does the xbox connect to the network.

Edited by GTA3Rockstar
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I talked to him about this on MSN. Currently, his xBox can't connect to Live, but can connect to the Internet. Live says, that MTU is not high enough. After some googling and Remote Assisting, I have discovered, that it cannot be changed in his router/modem (I haven't yet figured out what it is). He said, that the manual (or whatever) said, that the default MTU value is 1480 (for XP (?)). Google told me, that the minimum required value is 13?? something.

Hope that helps others.

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Seems I'm not the only one who has been using this method. It works with my Dad's laptop, but when I try it on my brothers computer (It's the closest to the Xbox) the option doesn't show up. I messed about with all the connections and managed to get the option to show up but it didn't work. I expect the option is gone again now.

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