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memphis speedometer

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I'm sticking to this speedometer V1.

But i want the cruise control to remain enabled even when i use the brake.

Cos in game i wanna maintain a certain speed. n having to enable it repeatedly is kinda troublesome.

Issit possible? Hope to hear from you soon! =)

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Is this mod dead?

No more updates??

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if i'm on gta alien city...how do i get rid of the speed meter that comes with it confused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gif

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when is it coming out

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This is my speedometer presented here:








memphis speedometer Beta v1.0


Thanks in advance wink.gif


How to install:


Extract the .rar content and paste in your SA folder in the exact folders separated as well as it is in the .rar file.


How to use:


-Well, pick a car

-to tur lights in automatic, on, off mode, press END button

-to lock, unlock doors press NUM6 or NUM4 buttons

-to cruise control press N button

-to speed limiter press Y button

-When the speed limiter is on, you can increase or decrease the selected speed with the radio buttons or mouse scroll.

-to turn on, off the engine press SPACE + H buttons


the gasoline spot are marked on the map, just stop the car on the red marker.


If you overpressure the turbo, the car will damage it self.



great mod no doubt of it

but a bug appeared


everytime i use it, "Cj always get Phone Calls" and is messing up the save files!


what to do to fix this?

plss help

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