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ENABLE GTA to use system ram for VRAM


Recommended Posts

-availablevidmem 4.0 running on a quad, 4ram, 1gb graphic

and the values are stuck... can't move sliders sarcasm.gif

user posted image


Oooh and play using those options on my quad didn't yielded max fps either... wtf ?! played on a 24" screen btw, is this what ya all call window mode ???

user posted image

Edited by swe_seifer
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LOL, and it all ended in a crash to desktop... out of videomemory =(


Did however got back to the drawingboard and here's my results:


Setting available videomemory to 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 did show up as 2, 3 and 4GB but never worked in the long run... crash to desktop out of video memory sooo backed down to 1.5 and that was stable, but couldn't max out drawing distance slider (every else slider maxed out) so i ended up figuring how much videomemory was needed using 2.0 and just checked options:


1564MB needed


So putting available video memory multiplier as close to that number seemed better... 1.6 (i have 1GB 4870 Powercolor) it gives me 1615MB and yellow varning, but one should ignore varnings =)


So i play and play in 1980x1200 resolution on and on, crashing, going fast, wreck havoc in city... no crash =)


Also installed Fraps to check fps, whooping 60 indoors... stepping outside gives me a fall to 35... steal a car and ride pending between 25-40 (playable but shows signs of bad optimization)


Ingame benchmark gives me 35fps


So conclusion then... my rig is Intel Quad 2,85, 4GB RAM and 1GB 4870 running Vista 64 Ultimate SP1 stock, NOT OC whatsoever... apart from being a very lousy port in my eyes and poorly optimized it can be tweaked using only this option in commandline.txt (tried all other too, nomemrestrict, - novblank etc etc... only f*cked up game) and still playable using max on all, looks like a painting with highres for sure


This works for me til they step up and fix the remaing bugs and truly optimize it... hope it works for you guys too, but i think quad is needed along with latest videocard though



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Can someone tell me how to do this command thing?? m kinda noob lol.. please someone explain in a lil detail.. where to add tht command2.0..?? and how to do it? thanx..

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does not work with the steam version and vista,,have tried everything,any sugestions please???? cryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gif

Edited by x8681150
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I havent tried this (and wont) but i wouldnt try this running a 32 bit OS since the game already uses alot of physical RAM.

I would only recomend this to people using 64 bit OS with a minimum of 4 GB of ram...

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-availablevidmem 1.65-nomemrestrict-novblank-width 1024-height 768-texturequality 1-renderquality 4



I tried using those in my commandline and doesnt do much really? Maybe im doing it all wrong - whats reccomended for my 256 card using the -availablevidmem


System is:


Intel Core 2 Duo 6320

8600 GTS 256

4GB Ram

Vista x64


I think I might just upgrade my CPU, Card + PS this year and save the hassle

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Hi i'm new here please read this


Ok here's my computer


ATI Readon x1900 xtx 512 MB

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 2 cpu

3 Gig RAM

Windows vista service pack 1



user posted image


I juz can't run smooth this game on my pc do u knw why please answer me anybody please advice me which game setting is require for my system.Please temme what FPS is good ?What should i put in commandline.txt i already put -availablevidmem 2.0 didn't increase game performance sad.gif

Edited by bip
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does not work with the steam version and vista,,have tried everything,any sugestions please???? cryani.gif  cryani.gif  cryani.gif

???? devil.gif :devil:why it does not work for me!!!! devil.gifdevil.gifdevil.gifdevil.gifdevil.gif

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Ok so my system is:


Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon 2,8Ghz (8 cores), 16GB DDR2/800 ram, 8800GT 512MB (180.84), plenty of HD space.


Hopefully this will make things faster than they are now,.. currently im only getting 20-45fps at Medium/Highest @ 1920x1200 (24" screen).


I will report back when I have tried it all out.



Does anyone know if creating a RAMDisk for the pagefile will yield an improvement? seeing as I have 16GB RAM, i could easily create a 5GB RAMdisk.

Is there a way to save texture files into that RAM memory to be loaded from it instead of from the harddrive?




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System usage leveled out pretty good using 1.5



Average FPS: 29.05

Duration: 37.25 sec

CPU Usage: 88%

System memory usage: 44%

Video memory usage: 81%





Average FPS: 30.24

Duration: 37.20 sec

CPU Usage: 84%

System memory usage: 51%

Video memory usage: 55%



will tweak around, and mess with the decimal more, see if it's just 0 and .5 or better .2111


Ok I stepped in and did it at 2



Average FPS: 29.20

Duration: 37.26 sec

CPU Usage: 86%

System memory usage: 46%

Video memory usage: 40%


And 2.5



Average FPS: 32.04

Duration: 37.20 sec

CPU Usage: 91%

System memory usage: 43%

Video memory usage: 29%


After a few minutes on the 2.5 setting, I started getting poppins like crazy.

it was weird, artifacts like if I overclocked poorly. so I dropped it down to 1.5 again.

Since I have 4 gigs pc memory, I hope that is enough. one thing I am scared of

though, is we might not be using mobo ram, just fooling the game .

Now, how do we take weight off of the processor ?

Edited by TruXter
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Tried with 2.0, worked perfectly for around 5 minutes, then more and more lag until it crashes, I'll try with 1.5 now.


Tried Warlords method with 4.0, crashed instantly after loading my save. (I got 4 GB RAM vista64)

Edited by Flaii
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  • 3 years later...

Hy,where do I apply the command? My total avaible memory is 1407 MB but gta sees just 301 MB:(

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