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[RELEASE] GTAIV Weapon Editor


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the new version will have an option to modify and firerate blindfirerate?



<assets model="w_18"> 	<anim group="[email protected]">                             <rates firerate="2.5" blindfirerate="2.5"/>                       </anim>


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  • 4 weeks later...

Some things work some don't . But i really need time between shots It doesnt work. It only works when i fall down , somebody please help. I really need this to make it working.

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  • 4 months later...



How do we change the rate of fire? I cant seem to get my MG3 in the AK-47 slot to shoot faster. Its a steady bang bang bang rather than super fast machine gun bbbbbbbbbbbbb.

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  • 1 month later...

awesome mod, but i dont know how can i make my guns shooting faster like 7 bullets per 0.300 secs... confused.gif

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  • 6 months later...
  • 9 months later...


I'll stick to manual modding,i can add weapons and do all sorts of crazy sh*t myself(i'm about to rel a mod for 10x ammo with some crazy bonus weapons)

Support for adding new weapons may come sooner than you think. I didn't add it yet because nobody ever asked for it.

All you do is set the clip size and ammo max both to 9999, then when you pick up a gun you will have 9999, plus no reload.

Increase the physics force to about 2k or 3k then you will be flipping cars over with the pistol. biggrin.gif

Set damage base to a negative number and that gun will no longer kill you or put holes in your vehicle tires. biggrin.gif

I can even shoot rockets and molotovs from any gun. tounge.gif How's that for crazy sh*t? happy.gif

is there a guide where i can learn what each value does because it all seems simple enough but, no matter what modifications i make the fire stays the same but, just about any thing else (clip size) changes as it should.


EDIT: seems this tool is kapooy and i need needle

Edited by cdoublejj
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  • 6 months later...

is it possible to modify the shotguns reloading anims . i installed a cal. 12 two rounds shotgun and the animation each time isn't cool . i'm not talking of the clip reloading but of the cartridge reloading

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