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so Ive downloaded this and tried it and its not faster at all. the old fashioned copy and paste still remains the fastest as with this program you have to do every number 1 by 1 just for a single line/vehicle. am i missing something?

this is custom handling making tool . if you already have the whole line copy/paste or you can use GTA vehicle mod installer too , that automatically detects and installs handlings while installing a car . but that tool is cool , i used it to learn handling thing (and i still use it)

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sorry for taking up old thread, but I got to use this tool only recently.


I've read thru all avaiable posts regarding using this tool, got actually pretty familiar with it (and with those values, etc), but i have slightly different problem, not actually sure if it caused by this tool.


After editing slightly about 30% cars in GTA, all worked fine, but one of them refuses to spawn after being edited. Bobcat namely, I have not been looking into the *.dat file yet with regular TXT editor, if the spawn value didn't got hit 'by accident'.


Anyone ever had similar problem?




The Bobcat itself works, I have it parked on saving spots and it spawns in traffic once I drive it around. But finding one in free traffic is impossible.

Edited by Lomikar

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can someone make a ingame handling editor. or modify simple native trainer to do more then just suspension

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it didn't work sad.gif

I did my values and all and I clicked save, I used the right file and I even ran as admin. but when I go play GTA IV, the car I modified hasn't been effected and is at its defaults. EX if I set the mass to 9999999, the mass in the games of the car will be default and unchanged, plz help.

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Always good practice to back up a copy of any files you plan to edit. For those having problems w/ "access denied" more than likely it is Windows UAC, especially when you try changing file/folder attributes and it reverts back. I have Win 8 Pro and it still reverts back.


You also notice that IF you try to edit and SAVE original unedited game files (in this case handling.dat) in your game directory w/ say notepad and try to save it, you are prompted to save it elsewhere, so save a copy to your desktop or documents, whatever. THEN you can edit and save this copy w/out issue using notepad or presumably this tool. Then once you're done editing and save, you can copy and paste that file into your game directory, replacing the original unedited file. From this point on, being a modified file, you will be able to edit it w/out Windows UAC interfering.


The handling.dat in my game folder, I already modified w/ notepad so I was able to use One's latest version of his tool he posted back in '09 (page 2, post 8 of this topic). I edited drive force (acceleration) and velocity (top speed) for "WILLARD" saved, no problems, checked value in notepad, my new values are present and the result appeared in game properly.


Maximus, I'm not sure that is a valid value to use for mass on a vehicle if at all. For example, I've used say 45000 for Patriot and its pretty solid.

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I hate to bump the post, but wanted to say THANK YOU to the original creator of this mod. I started using this about 1-2 years ago and have edited well over 500 handling files with it. Fiddling around I figured out what everything means, so now it's really easy to know what to change to get the right body roll, suspension height, pitch (back raised etc), turn radius, corning and accel grip, torque and power, gears, drag coef, height of veh, you name it. When you get the hang of this program, it is -such- a powerful tool. Only thing I wish, is that changes were realtime but hey I know that's not possible. If you haven't got this program working, trust me it works and is awesome. I used it in GTAIV and also for EFLC and TBOGT. I would have never got so far into modding all my cars if it wasn't for this program, now it's like an addiction because I want every car I add to be perfect. My trick, I go in IV, load handling editor, drive X car, what changes do I want to make>>tab out and go to that car in handling program, make changes>>go to next car>>same process. Reload IV, jump back in those cars, were the changes enough if not make changes, if so move onto next car etc. I'll knockout about 20-30 cars at a time (if I added that many) and then do above process, then reload IV, re-test, make changes etc. Can get alot of cars changed quickly this way.

Edited by Rocket7575

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gta 4 doesnot launches after changing handling.dat via handling editor



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gta 4 doesn't launch after changing handling.dat via handling editor

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