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[WIP] The first GTA4 mod manager


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For the past 6 months I have been working on a mod manager that is now near completion. In the next 5 weeks hopefully you will see the first version. We are currently beta testing this, so please be patient. Perhaps I could release a version for .dat mods as we are still working on IMG and RPF opening. Here is a real screenshot of the mod manager running.



Version 0.4: http://www.gta4mods.com/?r=4mi






*-Added new message boxes

*-Added more info in conflicting message

*-Fixed problems with files being installed in root

*-Fixed upload button in packager




*-New style "VISTA" works for both XP and VISTA

*-Registery format fixes

*-Rewritten Install / Uninstall engine

*-Mod names go bold when it has been installed

*-Sort is now fully functioning

*-Fixes crashing bugs when closing 4MI

*-Added auto "remove read only attribute" function upon save settings

*-Removed leftovers of V1.0 and V1.0.1.0 support such as the ".copy" files in your data folder

*-All originals of GTAIV files that have been edited are now backed up in "..4MI folder/backup"





*-"Close 4MI when I start GTA" checkbox added

*-Fixed various runtime errors (such as 75, 5, 53 and 76)

*-Added check to make sure all mods are uninstalled when a new version runs to avoid problems with new functions.

*-Added support for GTAIV V1.0.2.0

*-Removed support for GTA 1.0 and V1.0.1.0




*-Added V1.0.1.0 support

*-Added remove read-only attribute function in save settings button

*-Tab stop fixed in Packager




*-Refresh list button

*-Download tab

*-Download button

*-Settings tab

*-"Rename downloaded 4MI packages to date and time of when I downloaded them" checkbox

*-"Automatically install when I have downloaded a mod" checkbox

*-"Automatically edit files.txt to allow modding" checkbox

*-"Automatically launch GTAIV once a mod has been installed" checkbox

*-"Path to GTAIV folder" box and browse button

*-"Path to your mods folder" box

*-About now opens your default browser to the 4MI project page

*-Auto updater

*-Debug mode by opening the installer with "-debug" commandline.

*-Added GTAIV root as option under destination list on packager

*-Fixed overall color problems with custom themes and default XP theme.

*-Added "What would you like to do next?" window in packager.

    *-Upload this package

    *-Make another package


  Why Upload on gta4mods.com?

  When you upload your package on www.gta4mods.com, millions of people will be able

  to download your package via 4MI. For the user this means that it is easier to

  download new mods for GTAIV. For the author this means that they will get known

  by the community, faster than any other method could ever do.




*-Install button

*-Uninstall button

*-Remove button

*-Refresh list button

*-Start GTA Button

*-Settings button

*-Help button

*-About button

*-Automatically enables mods for IV


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


More info on my site when there is any




I hope some mod can change the title to include REL inlove.gif

Edited by g4mGunner
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ah sweet, i wasn't aware you had done this much for it.

Of all you should know i am always working on stuff tounge.gif I just never go public with it tounge2.gif

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nice, but on your site is a system update at the moment...

Yes we have been working on our servers since 8 pm this morning, it works here so my guess is that your dns isn't updated yet. Just wait, eventually it will work (within 24 hours max) and then you can dl it. (OR use a proxy such as www.glypeproxy.com?)

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Nice work g4mGunner. I've mirrored the file and published a news article as per your request!



You might want to fix the version number, V0.1 instead of V1.0

Apologies, sir smile.gif



No worries, we are working on upgrading our server still, for V2 i have something planned that allows you to browse mods right in the mod installer. inlove.gif

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Download link not working sad.gif


Never mind, got it through your website. And boy is it a lifesaver! Job well done, friend. colgate.gificon14.gif

Edited by HoneyBunches
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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 1 year later...

Work the Mod Manager with Savegames or must to start a new Game?? I hope t works with Savegames!!



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Work the Mod Manager with Savegames or must to start a new Game?? I hope t works with Savegames!!



Yes it works with old savegames, and great bump btw...

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