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Lost and Damned Trailer Here!

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Translation: "i'm a douche, and a xbox 360 fanboy, and i'm trying to convince myself that this DLC will be something amazing and it's not." Truth is, you're a fanboy.




If the PS3 actually had games worth playing I'd own one. Furthermore, if the situation were reversed and this content was announced as a PS3 exclusive I'd be frustrated as an Xbox 360 owner and I'd be considering buying a PS3 to play it. I'd be honest about it, I wouldn't be on here trying to bash the content itself to make myself feel better about not being able to play it.


The 360 is the system I've chosen because they have the best games and the best online service. Last generation the Xbox was my preferred system but I also owned a PS2. I actually bought that PS2 because I wanted to play "San Andreas" without waiting 6 months to get it on the Xbox (though I still ended up buying the Xbox version).


The DLC looks to be awesome. The only people denying that are those who don't have the ability to play it. You might find a 360 owner unhappy about the fact that it isn't free but I've yet to see anyone willing and able to pay for 360 DLC in general bashing on it. Only people who can't get it in the first place.

well, actually i haven't got any of the consoles, and i'm not planning on getting them, so i'm not dissing the 360 because i like the ps3 more. but can't you understand that some people don't like the "biker" part of the dlc? when i see something good, i will say it is good. many people, including me, say that, for instance, fable is a great game, but i can't play it. so, obviously, my inability to play this dlc isn't why i'm saying it sucks. i'm still hoping it will be good tho.

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the trailer is now avaliable on xbox marketplace in HD for those interested

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makes me cry that I may never play this sad.gif

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