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Welcome to the Events forum! You can use this forum to organize meet-ups, competitions or any other multiplayer event.




Please take a moment to completely read the guidelines before you begin posting.


This forum is only for organizing and discussing events. If you have any general questions regarding GTAIV multiplayer (such as technical issues, achievements, gameplay and such), please ask at the IV Multiplayer Sub-Forum. If you wish to form a team/gang/clan, check out the Gangs Forum. If you're confused and don't know where to go, take a look at the Multiplayer Index.




Requirements for Starting an Event


There are no specific requirements for staring an event. Anyone can start an event, regardless of their join date, post count, forum history, etc. The rules you set up for your event need to be reasonable and mature. As the judge of a competition, you are expected to be just while deciding on winners.


Make sure to include the essential details, such as gamemode(s), Date and Time (with Timezone), duration, etc. Please mention the platform(s) [PSN/XBL/SA:MP, etc.] in obvious locations, such as the topic title/description or the first post. If you require some help with this, consider using the Event Template (Found in the following post).


Furthermore, please consider joining an existing event over creating a new one, if it is very similar to the latter. Instead of having a few small events, everyone can team up and have a much larger game, which can be more fun and successful. Yet, you may want to start a game from scratch and run it the way you like; that is completely understandable.



What kind of events?


Anything related to GTA multiplayer. A casual game, a strictly judged contest, or any other way you desire. You needn't stick to conventional modes, such as deathmatches or turf wars. For example, you can host a machinima making contest, or a stunting contest. New, innovative ideas are very much welcome. But please, no events such as "Halo Deathmatch" or "MGS Story Writing". This is the Multiplayer section of GTAForums. The events may be for groups or for individuals. The groups needn't necessarily be gangs.





Anyone found to be repeatedly cheating/griefing will be appropriately dealt with. We don't want people here who enjoy the game at others' expense.



External Events


We do not mind if an external gang or player seeks for participation from here, the more players/events, the merrier. But do not just post a link to your website/forums, asking people to sign up over there. No advertising - its against the GTAForums Rules and Policies. Avoid posting external links and make proper use of your topic. You can post anything pertaining to your event within your topic - rules, schedules, results and what-not.



Server Advertisements*


Any post referring to specific servers, particularly independent ones, is prohibited within the Multiplayer section. Meaning that posts advertising your "virtual getaways" are not allowed. Again - do not advertise your server(s). Additionally, we do not allow people to post topics or off-topic posts requesting general server information of any kind. The Events forum is strictly for hosted games that take place on universally public servers hosted by the developers of the game in question. This is a requirement that allows any budding participant to join events freely and effortlessly. In essence, it is simple as booting up Grand Theft Auto IV and inviting friends into a lobby.


* Revisions made by gamesguru and docrikowski.





If you've got any complaints regarding any of the events, PM the organiser(s) and sort it out in private. If that doesn't work, just report the post, or contact one of the area moderators. Do not flame and accuse the organizers and stink up the topics.


Polite suggestions are acceptable, flaming isn't.





If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact the area moderators (Shown in the forum index as Forum Led by). If you're still not satisfied, contact one of the global moderators (shown in blue on the online list and listed on the leaders page).

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<< Event Template >>




Need help in organizing an event, not sure how to do it right? Do read on.





Let me guess, you've got a raging idea that you simply MUST test out on GTA. But you don't have the bolstering numbers on your lonely PSN/360/PC friend list to perform said idea. You frown knowing that your radical idea will never see the light of day, until a trip at GTAForums.com leads you to here, 'Competition'. You click inside and you see people congregating, talking how they rocket launchered the sh*t out of anyone who tried to touch the helicopters at the airport, or how they went stunting around Algonquin. Then it hits you,


"I can post my idea here and get everyone to show up!"


So you click the new topic button and you start typing;

"hey guys destruction derby tonight at 7 pm add me nikorulesfan4"


You click the 'Post' button then go and do something until 7 pm.


You get back on at 6:30 pm, eager for some friend requests. You're going to set the derby up early and you know its going to be awesome. You log on excitedly then you quickly scroll over to your friend requests.


You have two. You frown and you go back to the topic in GTAF and post three times in a row going "PLEASE COME TO MY DERBY"


I frown and lock your topic.





What I'm introducing to you today is an Event Template, something for you to use to help get those small ideas formatted and organized so your big Derby or whatever is a success. Using the template is not compulsory, but if you have no/little idea of how to organize an event, it is highly recommended that you use it.


Topic Title

Your topic's title must contain your platform (PS3/PC/XBox) or game (such as SA:MP/VC:MP) in brackets and the name of the event. This will ensure that your event receives of attention of appropriate people.


Wrong Way

gnag shootout 2night!


Right Way

[PSN]Team Deathmatch



Post Template

Just copy the table below and fill it out in your post:



[b]Who:[/b] <Whos holding the event, is it you or is it a friend or is your gang holding it? Tell us here>[b]What:[/b] <What is the event? Discuss the rules and guidelines here, give us a general description of what you plan on holding and how you plan on making it work>[b]When:[/b] <Give us a date, and also the hour in GMT, for example you could say "7 GMT" and then send everyone here: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc>[b]Platform:[/b] <PS3/360/PC>[b]Contact:[/b] <Leave your PSN/360/PC name here for people to add you>



We've got the template! Lets use it now!


Wrong Way


Who: redwood-- and da mad dawgs

What: we're gonna roll through bohan then hole up in an apartment and have gnarly shoot-outs with the police

When: Tonight (11th of Dec) at 6 GMT! Use this pls: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc

Platform: PS3 nubs

Contact: add redwood-- then send me a message wen u want n invite


Right Way


Who: Lochie (My PSN is redwood--)

What: We're going to terrorize Bohan until we have enough police attention, then hole up in somewhere and stock pile on weapons until we hit 6 stars or until we die.

When: 11/12/08 at 6 GMT. Please use this time convertor: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc

Platform: PS3

Contact: Add redwood-- by at least 5 GMT then send me a message at 6 and we'll get the game rollin', I hope to see you all there.




Suggestions/Questions please feel free to PM me,


Edited by GTArv
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